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EuroSign Interpreters
Start date: Jan 1, 2010,

The European Council recommended the legal recognition of sign languages across Europe in 1988 and 1998, but only a handful of countries have achieved this. Today, an increase in knowledge and business exchange has developed across Europe but Deaf people are largely excluded. A complex situation exists where interpreting is relayed between several practitioners from the sign language source to the target sign language.The EuroSign Interpreter project will develop and pilot materials to train, people who are bilingual between two different sign languages as interpreters; a qualification yet to exist in Europe. The outcomes for this project include: to raise awareness of employing Deaf people as interpreters & create a resource to enable Deaf entrepreneurs to access the European market; a model of good practice for interpreters, employers and educators will be promoted through a best practice guide; map the existing teaching of four different European sign languages and qualifications; develop a single course with ECTS credits for sign language interpreters working directly between two European (partner) languages; raise awareness of interpreters who work between two sign languages, which may be a career option for Deaf people; to develop materials to support teaching through ICT and blended learning; a conference with the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreter Trainers (EFSLIT) to promote inclusion of these language combinations; use the Common European Framework to mainstream the learning of two or more sign languages; explore accessibility to harmonized assessment to enable Deaf people to qualify in non-native sign languages.The outputs also include: a website, on-line learning module, printed learning materials, case studies, dissemination events, filmed interviews with interpreters, a consortium of experts. These outputs will engage with training programmes to move towards qualifying interpreters between two cross-national European languages.

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