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Our aim is to create a broad and diversified learning partnership, not only from the geographical standpoint, but also from the different focuses of lifelong learning (ie. formal and informal education, as well as the public and private perspective).The project's individual target populations in each of the institutions are also different: youngsters, women, elderly, ethnic minorities, immigrants, refugees. In essence, a wide sample from the reality in each of our societies, which no doubt share a common need: customised training to catch up with the dynamic pace of our changing society and thus avoiding exclusion and marginalisation. The wealth of Europe goes beyond measuring economic parameters. Europe is widening its borders, adding to the patrimony of human and cultural values in each country and regions. But this growth is expanding due to the admission and arrival of people from outside the European continent. This Europe of freedom, human rights, social justice, solidarity and democracy is growing and becoming richer with the millions of profiles of its diverse human resources.
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