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Europi trebaju Kompetencije, Rad, Energija i Motiviranost
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Technical school Slavonski Brod (TSSB) wants to profile itself as the school that can successfully meet the challenges of educating vocational professionals that are capable of following and gaining new knowledge and to produce future workforce that will be able, right after the formal education in our school, to become the part of the labour market and contribute to its growth and development both in Croatia and in other EU countries. This creates the need in our school for the students to gain not only formal knowledge and do the obligatory work praxis, but also to learn about their field of work that use knowledge and practical skills our students only formally learned about, but never had the chance to use them during the praxis. We want our students to learn about the work ethics and to develop entrepreneurial skills during the praxis, so the future employer will not have to invest time and assign them a mentor to further prepare them for their work place. Our goal is to give students every chance to prove their professional knowledge and develop self- and professional confidence in Croatia and in any EU country.Slavonski Brod and the surrounding region does not provide sufficient number of work places for the praxis for our students, so TŠSB wants to become the school that offers our students the chance to gain international experience and to learn and acquire new knowledge in their professional fields that are insufficiently present in the work places for their praxis in the region Slavonski Brod.For this mobility we chose Ireland because of its economic progress.We are planning two terms for mobility to Ireland:1. mobility – 20 students and two accompanying teachers2. mobility – 25 students and three accompanying teachersOur project includes 45 students in the mobility:- computer technician and technician for mechatronics - 10 students, 4th grade- electrotechnician – 5 students – 4th grade - road traffic technician and technician for logistics and freightage – 15 students, 4th grade - architectural technician – 10 students, 3rd and 4th gradeOur project partner is Martello Training Ltd. which has a lot of experience in cooperation with other vocational schools from Croatia.Our goals for this mobility are following:General goal:- using and acquiring practical knowledge of the profession, gained in the formal education in the specific priority areas; gaining new experience in the work place respecting EU standards of work; learning about work ethics and learning about new technologies (KNX) and tendencies in the economic development.Specific goals:- professional praxis of students of different professional vocations in the work places which, in their line of work, use professional knowledge that our students gained and will use in their work; further up-skilling and acquiring new professional knowledge and skills in their work place during the mobility.- developing entrepreneurship - motivation for further professional growth and inclusion in the labour market in Croatia and other EU countries- developing language competences and the feeling of belonging to European citizenship Expected outcomes:- improving and gaining professional knowledge- motivation for further formal and informal learning and professional training- tendency toward entrepreneurship - developed sense of self-confidence and professional confidence- accepting cultural diversity as one of the values in EU.The firms for work placements have been proposed from our project partner, and in the time of the mobility they will be carefully chosen in order to cover the priority areas named in our project documentation. On their work placements students are expected to acquire following knowledge and competences:- professional competences- business and work ethics- social, personal and language competences- entrepreneurship Learning outcomes from this mobility will include new knowledge in the field of usage and preservation of energy, inter-modular traffic, automation of manufacture process and ergonomic construction, all of which cover the three vocational sectors chosen for this mobility. One of the areas which will provide much new information is certainly KNX technology, which became in the whole world the inevitable part of the economy sector and is the part of vocational education in our school.Positive experience of our students will be passed on to our students in the school and in their classes, what will give motivation to students for learning and acquiring professional knowledge and other knowledge through formal education in Technical school. The results will be better school success of the students and higher motivation for personal and professional training and their equal participation on their future work places and the society in whole. This would provide our current and future students better and more quality vocational education.
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