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Start date: Aug 1, 2016, End date: Jul 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The title of our project is: “EUROTRADE4U2016”, which reflects such processes as giving new perspectives to skilled workers of the future. The “Szekszárdi Szakképzési Központ Szent László Szakképző Iskolája és Kollégiuma” understood and seized the opportunity of the international mobility right from the beginning and completed several mobilities since. They have gained positive experience, which was continuously shared with the other member institutions enabling each of them to participate in the realization of these goals. Our school is a “Talent Point”, which means that we support the students to obtain useful trades and skills. Our success was presented by Mr. Tordai Péter in “Genius nights” with the help of Tempus Foundation.Our purposes are the following:1. To gain experience in international trade in order to incorporate it into the training-learning process2. To secure the validation of the accessed work experience (ECVET)3. To develop the competences of the apprentices to prepare them for work in the international labor market4. To promote a wider appreciation of life through the trade and to create opportunities in the social mobility5. To provide an opportunity to the most talented trainees to gain international experienceThe main goal of our project was to provide an opportunity for our students and our colleagues to visit a Spanish-speaking and an English-speaking region. Why? Because the internship offers a new perspective for our students for a better life, a better work environment, and new methods, knowledge, experience for our teachers. They obtain knowledge that they would not be able to obtain within the frames of a regular education, everyday working routine. They will be able to stand on their own feet, work alone or in a team, make decisions and adapt. They will become much more self-confident, they will trust their knowledge and they use the language effortlessly. They will get to know the receiving country’s culture and technology. They will be able to see that an internship is not about doing menial work, but much more a chance to be taken seriously. They often receive praise, which is extremely motivating for them. The only prospective for Hungary is a close cooperation of its schools with trainee places. That is the only way to solve Europe’s huge shortage of professionals. These over the border programs offer a huge opportunity for our students and will definitely increase employment. We have to get acquainted with new methods, take them home and use them. We must learn from others. Let’s bring Europe home.This project is a combination of challenge, ability and connections. If we provide a challenge for our youth that is adequate to their level and gives them a chance to connect with others and do something useful with others, they will feel magnificent; hence they will want to work. In an international student group every opportunity is given. Diversity and friendships across Europe contribute to solidarity among young people. It is very good to see how international projects bring young people and adult teachers/trainers closer. It is based on these thoughts that we take our students to Valencia (Spain). We plan the training for 30 days, with 18 students in Valencia (1October-30 October 2016)and 8 days (4 March- 12 March 2017) with 12 teachers in Witney (UK) for a job shadowing experience.The selection of the receiving partner countries was based on our economical and professional needs and specialties, additionally past experiences and connections between the receiving and sending partners were considered. The teachers help in the continuous communication between the students and the parents. Their role is manifold, it spans from organizing the students’ everyday life abroad to permanently assessing and evaluating their performance. The number of teachers (2) is proportional to the number, gender and age of the students.We would like to complete the dissemination of the project in a wide social and professional circle. Besides the impact results of the project we also expect increased efficiency in our school’s enrolment and weight to its profile as a training provider.
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