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Europemobility Network
Start date: Oct 1, 2011,

Since their introduction in 1987, European mobility programmes supporting work placements abroad have registered a constant but modest increase in the number of beneficiaries.Still a low percentage of youngsters in Europe go abroad as part of their educational path.The boost of allocated budget from the EC within the LLL Programme as well as from some member countries via ESF or national dedicated funding, is amplifying the volume of exchanges but a multiplier effects is required if we are to achieve the objective of making learning mobility a reality for all.Europemobility Network provides a cross sectoral platform enabling cooperation and synergies among stakeholders responsible for and active in different domains of learning mobility and work placements abroad.The project identifies experiences, ideas, strategies and best practices which has proven to be successful and establish support mechanism to circulate and share them at EU level within and outside their respective operational and educational contexts.The main deliverables of the Europemobility Network are:- a framework of benchmarks for learning mobility and work placements abroad- procedures to award Quality Labels for Mobility Students and for Host Organizations based on quality standards and focused on the educational learning process- observatory on the impact of learning mobility and work placements abroad on students and the business world- economic models and innovative strategies on how to exploit the complementary between EU funding schemes with other local, regional and national public funding, including the transnational measures of the European Social Fund, and financial services and products for mobility from the private banking system- a framework for high visibility information and awareness raising campaigns- a framework for ensuring adoption of quality standards and procedures among mobility coordinators and those responsible for conceiving and implementing mobility schemes

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