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Europejskie przykłady nauczania przedsiębiorczości, innowacyjności i kreatywności w szkałach rolniczych inspiracją dla nauczycieli polskich szkół sektora zielonego.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project will be realized by the Association of Agricultural and Forestry Education EUROPEA Poland. Green Academy Arhus, in Beder, Denmark, cooperating with EUROPEA DENMARK, will become the hosting institution . The members of the association are the employees of the GA. The center operates in the European Association of 1,000 schools and educational institutions in the green sector, undertaking valuable initiatives for sustainable development of rural areas including education in the context of the CAP. A group of 20 teachers and consultants, conducting classes in agricultural and forestry schools, will participate in the exchange of experiences. Consultants, methodological advisors, who will take part in the project organize various forms of training and professional development courses for teachers of the green sector. It is also important that they represent different regions of our country. Teaching entrepreneurship is a key issue in vocational training, since it must occur in all classes and on various subjects of professional and practical training. It also results from the need expressed in the new core curriculum of vocational training that is valid from 01/09/2012. It is a new challenge for teachers, who are not always prepared for it. The implementation of this project is, therefore, important for vocational education - and in particular - the green sector. The project will enable the adaptation of the content of teaching in vocational subjects to the challenges faced by rural areas and agriculture in the practical competences related to sustainable development of rural areas and new functions which have to be held by rural areas and agricultural activities, such as the transition from production to services. The project responds to the need of strengthening entrepreneurial attitudes among students engaged in work in rural areas. The aim of the exchange is to become familiar with Danish solutions and to work out the ways of introduction to the classes: the issues of entrepreneurship in rural areas or innovation in business. A curriculum and a set of didactic materials, ready to be used by teachers in schools of the green sector, will be the apparent and visible effect of the exchange of experiences. The materials in the electronic form will be available on the project website and on CDs. In addition, in the course of the exchange we will continue the cooperation with the aim of gathering experiences that will facilitate the implementation of ECVET in European vocational education, in particular in schools of the green sector. This is due to a large number of Polish students who travel to Denmark (to be more exact Green Academy Arhus) to gain experience in the field of organic farming and animal production. The trip to Denmark will enable the understanding of business and comparison of farms with diverse income sources. The achievement of the outcomes in this area creates the opportunities for alternative sources of income and employment on the farm or self-employment of graduates of agricultural schools. The innovation in the rural areas means the development of micro, small and medium enterprises, and thus, increase in employment, especially in less developed areas. Familiarizing the participants of the exchange, and in a later stage - students and others concerned, with practical examples of solutions in the field of entrepreneurship in the green sector will help them to exist on the labour market. The results generated in the course of the exchange will be experimentally implemented in schools that will recruit the project participants. The effects of the project will be also disseminated during international and national conferences, which are frequently held with the participation of the FRSE representatives . The project will be realized in close cooperation with the institutions responsible for in-service training for teachers .
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