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Europejskie podróże po wiedzę i doświadczenie zawodowe - staże zagraniczne
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jan 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project , European travels for knowledge and professional experience – foreign internships ‘ will involve a group of 48 students, 4 teachers (culinary subjects) and 3 group caretakers.Group 1. Spain- 16 students (2nd form students: a cook, a nutrition and a catering technician) and 1 group caretaker. The students are preparing for the exam confirming their professional qualification T.6. – Preparing drinks and dishes.Group 2. Italy – 16 students (2nd and 3rd form: a confectioner,3rd form: a nutrition and a catering technician ), 2 teachers ( internship) and 1 group caretaker. The students are preparing for the exam confirming their professional qualification T.4. – Manufacturing of confectionary, and qualification T.6. – Preparing drinks and dishes. Group 3. Portugal - 16 students (2nd and 3rd form: a hairdresser, a hairdressing services technician), 2 teachers (internship) and 1 group caretaker. The students are preparing for the exam confirming their professional qualification A.19. Performing hairdressing services.The training program will help the trainees to expand their knowledge and skills in the field of the taught qualification. Moreover, the training will facilitate the start of their professional careers and help to meet their employers’ high expectations.The main objective of the project: increasing beneficiaries’ activity in looking for jobs and chances to find employment on the local and European labour markets thanks to participating in international work placements , and increasing the attractiveness and quality of ZSP No2 and its educational offer in the field of vocational teaching and training.The specific objectives used to achieve the main aim:• Increasing the quality of educational offer through vocational training of the teaching staff• Expanding students’ professional competences• Upgrading the teaching process (increasing efficiency of teaching standards) for example by using information and communication technologies• Shaping proper civil and social behaviour• Promoting the school in European countries• Expanding the sense of belonging to regional, national and European heritageThe following activities will be taken under this project:• Three- week work placements in chosen companies• Information campaign concerning the project • Selection of trainees• Meetings for trainees qualified to participate in the project• Preparing CVs in English by the trainees• Language lessons on the Moodle platform• Cultural and educational activities including excursions , cultural evenings at the place Where the internship is performed• Language courses• Workshops on creating and dissemination the outcomes of the project• Dissemination of the project and its outcomes• Organising a farewell session, where students will present the results of their work during the training period• Sharing the knowledge within WDN (in-house teachers training), lessons and after-school activities• Evaluation of the projectThe methodology used for managing the project will cover all the necessary tools which enable: preparation, implementation, dissemination of the project , its outcomes and evaluation.Employed tools: documentation analysis sheets, trainees recruitment criteria, project participants regulations, questionnaire and interview sheets, evaluation sheet, face to face conversations, observation, quality and quantity indicators, excursions, socializing events, learning by doing (work placements).Activities taken within foreign mobility will:• Enable to improve language competence• Enhance school lessons• Enable to acquire new skills within professional qualifications• Have impact on expanding and strengthening cooperation with organisations and international corporations• Strengthen the cooperation with organisations that support school activities outside Poland• have influence on creating the school’s positive image in Poland and in the UE countries• Prepare the trainees to meet the demands of the domestic and the European labour marketThe project will influence mainly on the beneficiary, the partners, local and regional environment.Assumed influence, including long-term influence:• Growth in the number of professionally prepared workers and the decreasing unemployment rate among young people in the region• Increasing students’ desire for learning foreign languages• Increasing students’ chances for self-employment• Versatile professional development of trainees, independence from social and economic situation in the region• Using good practices – the school implements the Moodle platform in teaching process, the partner companies implement the Moodle platform in teaching industry terminology • Increasing the level of knowledge and awareness about Erasmus + projects among local communities• Being fully-fledged, free of prejudices and xenophobic attitudes and open to other cultures Europeans
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