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Europejskie kwalifikacje w gastronomii – mobilność w Holandii
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project “European qualifications in tourism-mobility in the Netherlands" answers the need of introducing a change within the system of vocational education related to catering and hotel business. The changes concern the importance of providing learners with such a learning experience that they will be able to later find a job that matches the qualifications that were gained during the learning process. The participants of the project will be 20 students from classes II and III (nutrition and catering technicians) from School ZSPUiBS in Jelenia Góra, who study gastronomy.The goal of the project is to acquire the current key skills and competences consistent with the needs of the catering services labor market,on the basis of Dutch market patterns of catering services,as well as improving professional English language skills. The Netherlands is an ideal place for training young people due to the high tourist traffic and a large number of catering companies. The aim of the project is to provide help for 20 students in acquiring the following in the international work environment: experience, qualifications, skills and competences in the profession of a nutrition and catering technician, which will be confirmed by the certificate and Europass Mobility and Personal Transcript from ECVET system. Increase in professional English language skills, improvement in the level of knowledge, competences and professional qualifications which enable further studying, increase in international awareness and understanding of other countries, improvement of entrepreneurial mindsets and social inclusion, personal development, increase in believing in one’s abilities,motivation for further learning, independence, communication skills, acquiring the attitude of life-long learning and increase in the possibility to be employed on the European market. The project will enable the participants to learn about new methods and working conditions, as well as the equipment of catering companies abroad,and create their entrepreneurial mindsets and creativity.Trainees will acquire the abilities to effectively cope in the situations that require overcoming communication barriers in foreign language. The plans of the project will begin to be carried out after the promotional campaign, and after that the participants will be recruited. Before going on a training,all the participants will take part in preparation activities which include classes of English language, culture and pedagogics. The next step will be to organize trainings for their appropriate professions: nutrition and catering services in companies in the Netherlands between 02.05.2016 and 27.05.2016. The management of the project will be based on the PCM methodology: cooperation with the “Natural Sciences and Service School Complex” [ZSPUiBS] in Jelenia Góra and with the Partner from The Netherlands,ongoing monitoring,reporting prepared by the participants and the Foundation, evaluation and publication of the results. Taking part in the project will offer the participants the opportunity to gather professional experience in modern,well-equipped catering companies, as well as to confront their own experience with European solutions. Participating in the training carried out in the Netherlands will also facilitate the integrity of European nations, getting to know the culture and learning foreign languages. The acquired knowledge, skills and professional, language and social competences will be documented and individually evaluated for each student, confirmed with certificates issued by the partner and ECVET documents, as well as with EUROPASS MOBILITY. The result of the project will be obtaining by the trainees in the international work environment all necessary skills, qualifications and competences in the profession of a nutrition and catering technician, which will help them to be successful in their professional life. The participants will learn modern methods of company management and improve their language skills which will raise their competition level in the labour market.The achieved results will boost the motivation to learn vocational subjects and foreign languages within other students. They will serve to improve the quality of education in the school through strengthening its authority and importance as an educational institution, that develops creativity and entrepreneurship within young people.The goals of this project are consistent with the Erasmus program: the project concerns the improvement of key competences and skills, especially the ones that are needed within the labor market, contributing to society by promoting multicultural awareness and language learning, prioritizing the Europe 2020 strategy in the area of intelligent growth, which is based on knowledge and innovation, stimulating social inclusion - assisting the development of the economy and high employment levels, as well as ensuring the economic and social cohesion.
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