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Europejskie kompetencje i jakość kształcenia osób dorosłych w dobie globalizacji
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

KSWP has got 20-year experience in realization of actions which develop entrepreneurship. However, dynamic development of economy based on knowledge as well as economic and social changes in the age of globalization and European integration force the company to modernize and adjust our educational offer in the field of entrepreneurship to the needs of the changing market, to increase quality and innovation of education and to make its mission more international. It will be influenced by the implementation of this project, which is aimed at achieving and improving by KSWP the following aspects: 1.skills and qualifications in the field of organization of educational process of adults which is adjusted to the transnational standards and targeted at stimulation, development and encouragement of entrepreneurship; 2.knowledge about cultures of other countries as well as organizational, economic and legal conditions which influence the process of education; 3.qualifications of project participants dealing with business English language usage in the field of education of adults; and 4.Increase of KSWP experience connected with international co-operation and enhancement of the company’s prestige at the national and transnational markets. Project finds its place in the long-term policy of the company’s development, meets its identified needs, needs of its employees as well as needs of the social-economic society. It will help to enhance areas of KSWP activity identified for the improvement. 10 KSWP employees who are engaged in adult people education (persons who manage, prepare and implement training courses) and who know English at communicative level will become the project participants (PP). Such selection of PP guarantees that every aspect which is essential from the point of view of the project will be noticed and examined (competence of PP will create opportunities to use maximally possibilities which are given by the experience exchange) and will permit to look comprehensively at the issue connected with adult people education and at the conditions which influence the process of education in different countries. Project foresees following actions: 1.preparatory: a)2 English language training courses for two groups of 5 members (30 hours/gr.) b)1 training of cultural background (e.g. culture of Great Britain, Italy, Spain – 16 hours for each country, 48 hours in total); 2.mobilities: three seven-day-visits for every of five-member group at host organizations in mentioned above countries; Aim: PP’s trainings (theory+practice) in the field of educational methods and techniques used in different countries, working out of good practice and moving it to Poland; 3.follow-up actions: work out, disseminate and implement developed results The results (which will be freely accessed before, during and after the implementation of the project) 1.non-material, which will improve prestige and influence of KSWP on the state market as well as its international position (through the knowledge about international conditions, forms and conditions for entrepreneurship development in other countries gained by the UP, their ability to speak English, experience in implementation of international projects; 2.material (e-versions): -International Standard of training adults aiming at development and encouragement of entrepreneurship -Publication about the meaning, chances and possibilities as well as effective methods and tools of adults' training in the field of entrepreneurship in the times of globalization -Presentation about the main ideas and results of the project as well as benefits coming from mobility projects Spreading the results of the project and its ideas during meetings, visits at schools and higher educational establishments, the conference, fairs, sending relevant informatio via email, company webpage and social networking websites. The project will be of the local, regional, state and international significance. Spreading the results of the project will lead to long term benefits for PP and KSWP among others (PP will improve qualifications and skills of its employees and KSWP will be able to implement high quality forms of training, will improve its influence and prestige locally and internationally), for the receiving organization (they will get to know training methods in the two countries where the mobilities will take place which will lead to exchange of experience between the two states in the field of entrepreneurship development), as well as for 1.emloyees and the leadership pf JST 2.institutions from the business surrounding 3.organizations and establishments giving training in the field of entrepreneurship 4.communities from different provinces 5.people interested in learning on the European level 7.teachers and students of high schools and higher education establishments
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