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Europejskie kompetencje budowlane źródłem powodzenia na rynku pracy
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project entitled “European building competencies source of success in the labor market " is designed to meet the requirements of apprenticeship for students of Niepubliczne Technikum Zawodowe in Busko Zdrój ZDZ in Kielce ( 3rd class). An apprenticeship is an integral part of the learning process and its implementation in the form of a professional practice increases the attractiveness and effectiveness of education, undoubtedly. The prospective participants of the project are the students of the 3rd class studying at course ‘Construction technician’. Planned number of students depends on the number of students studying at the aforementioned course, therefore there will be one group of participants of course, who will be meet the selected requirements and criteria (in total: 10 students). The project is treated as a support the youth from low-income families as it will be an opportunity to improve their educational chances. The vocational practice will promote equal educational opportunities for young people from rural areas. The programme of the placement was developed on the basis of one Ministry of Education curricula: 311204/7.02.2012. The programme of the placement was developed in cooperation with business owners of this trade so it takes into account their practice experience.The project is designed to be an inspiration and an opportunity to get knowledge and work experience in European companies in a different cultural and linguistic reality by students. The project will raise the entrepreneurship and mobility of the students and will improve their competitiveness on the global labor market. Aside from the work experience, the project entails also language and cultural courses. It will allow the students to improve their language skills and learn about the culture of the hosting country. The language and cultural courses will take place in both organizations (in our school and our partner).The main goals of the project are:• implementation of professional (vocational) practice and professional development of the project participants,• to gain an additional professional skills,• to improve communication skills in a foreign language, especially professional language,• raise in interpersonal and communication skills of the participants.The main expected results include:1. to get The Europass Mobility Document which confirms the work experience – this will be later used in CVs,2. to pass a vocational practice which is one of the conditions for promotion to the next class.The other expected results (soft results) include:1. to obtain a work experience (proffessional skills and competences described in the project/programme document),2. increase in mobility of the participants and their chance of local, national and European labor market,3. increase in activity, entrepreneurship and independence of students, fostering: openess, tolerance, cooperation, functioning in a group team players,4. to make better progress in language skills of the participants,5. to know the different cultural environment and functioning in it,6. to improve the quality and attractiveness of vocational education in Technical School (to promote of vocational training),7. to improve an experience in School in the design and organization of apprenticeships, cooperation with partners.Planned date of apprenticeship: 23.04.2017 r.- 21.05.2017 r.Place of apprenticeship: Rimini in Italy.The host organization: "Sistema Turismo s.r.l." w Potenza.The host organization is responsible for overall logistic support of the apprenticeship (a brief description of activity): the places of vocational practices, mentoring, teaching assistance, accommodation, catering, local transport/from the airport, the Italian language and culture course, leisure, participates in: monitoring, certification and validation - as well as our institution.
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