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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The beneficiary of the project is to ZSZ in Pinczów educating among others future engineers, service desk and IT specialists. The school runs 20 branches in three types of schools. All students live in the District Pińczów. Foreign partner companies are: Polaris EU Enterprise Limited , YouNet and Sistema Turismo s.r.l. Private companies engaged in, among others, support various types of EU projects, including Leonardo da Vinci. The Group of the project participants are students 2 and 3 classes of economic technical, mechanical and information technology. Both the school and the partners have experience in similar projects. This allows a more precise definition of objectives of the current project: -raising the professional qualifications -acquaint with the organization of companies working with modern technologies, current industry solutions -the ability to verify the theoretical knowledge in practice -acquainted with the prospects of working abroad -widening of messages on the labor market and entrepreneurship -acquisition of skills in a different culture -knowledge of the economic conditions of the partner country Polish-confronting vocational education system with English end Italian -improvement of language skills (in English, including professional) -to make students aware of their shortcomings to motivate further study -learning to cope with problems in the new unfamiliar environment, group collaboration, responsibility for one another, independence -teaching tolerance in contact with other cultures Our region is characterized by very high unemployment . We feel responsible for our students as they come from families where there is a low level of self-esteem, lack of work and the belief that their lives can not be other than a life of their parents. We want to change that. Participants internship with established experience will certainly be valued and sought after employees in their industries. In the opinion of our local employers ( employers conducted interviews with industry economic , mechanical and IT industry ) perfect employee should be characterized not only diligence , honesty and integrity , but also to high professional qualifications, experience acquired during the apprenticeship and become at least one foreign language , because a large portion of traders executes orders outside the country. Hence the idea of creating a project in cooperation with our regional entrepreneurs. Youth ending school education can be classified as disadvantaged groups in the labor market. This involves little professional experience of young workers entering the labor market and the lack of funds for training courses. Employers require in fact presentation experience in the industry. This implies a need to strengthen practical training at school and the use of EU funds for educational activities throughout their lives. In this situation, a very good way is to participate in the Leonardo da Vinci program. The student gains an additional prestige here, what is its positive value and increases the chance of getting a graduate job, because a greater degree meets the expectation of a potential employer.He or she also gets many other possibilities, such as - the European dimension of their education , training in the use of foreign language professional language, Europass Mobility Certificate. These benefits to some extent improve the situation of young worker in the labor market and increase their chances of finding employment. After the initial preparatory course organized by the school we are planning to send three groups of students counting the 16 participants with 2 guardians on a 3-week placement in the UK and Italy. Practice will take the form of practical training in companies. The participation of our students in the internship will provide a valuable foundation on which young people will build their knowledge not only theoretical but also practical and acquire the skills needed in the profession. Young people broaden their horizons and learn to overcome fear of the unknown. The internship will be an opportunity to gain valuable experience and knowledge that will be disseminated by the participants after returning to the country.

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