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Start date: Dec 31, 2016, End date: Apr 29, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project was developed so the school can fulfill its most important task: best possible preparation of students to start working after high school graduation - this is the primary objective of the project. It consists of specific objectives, which will be enabling participants to increase and expand professional and language skills and personal competences, as well as internationalization of vocational education at school process. These objectives are in line with the objectives of vocational education and training program, listed in the Erasmus + Guide:- Contribute to raising the level of key competencies and skills to match labor market needs;- Contribute to improving foreign language skills and promote linguistic and cultural diversity in the EU;- Broaden the international dimension of training and education.The participants will be students of Secondary Technical School and Secondary Schools Complex (64 people) learning professions: tourist services technician, machinery and renewable technology systems technician and cutting machines operator.Participants will leave for three week long internships: two groups of 16 people will travel to Italy and two groups to Portugal.Results of the project:- Assessment of professional practice required by school,- Undergoing the by participants, planned and implemented at the school, cultural and pedagogical preparation classes;- Undergoing by the participants language courses;- Receiving by the participants certificates of completion cultural- pedagogical preparation and certificate of language preparation course;- Receiving by the participants internship certificates;- Receiving by the project participants Europass Mobility documents;- Higher professional and language qualifications of participants;- Improving the ability to use information technology;- Acquiring teamwork skills;- Increasing ability to establish and maintain interpersonal relations;- Development of intercultural competences (openness, tolerance, acceptance);- acquiring knowledge about the culture, history and customs of the placement countries;- Increasing motivation for self-education;- Increasing professional and personal aspirations, increasing self-reliance, sense of duty and discipline;- Raising the prestige and attractiveness of the school.Presentations oulining stages of project, photos illustrating the process of placement wil be created. Thanks to the project school will also gain evaluation experience, useful in the planning and implementation of subsequent projects.The project partners will expand knowledge and skills, gain new experiences useful in the development of international activities. School officials and foreign partners working in the project willget to know people raised in different culture, which will contribute to an increase in their sensitivity to issues of intercultural dialogue and diversity of customs and behaviors in other European countries.Through the implementation of the entire project, our school will expand its expertise in international cooperation, increase its prestige and popularity among young people, which should improve recruitment.The success of the project will facilitate cooperation with local employers interested in hiring educated, adequately to their needs, workers. Project participants, after completing internships and returning to the country, will be able to transfer gained knowledge and experience to other students and teachers, and will use thier new skills in future careers, contributing to implementation of new knowledge and experiencein employing them companies. This will contribute to raising the standard and increase the diversity of services of employing companies, on the local and regional level, and indirectly - of courseadequately to the scale of our project - on the domestic market.

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