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Europejskie doświadczenia zawodowe kluczem budowania wspólnych kompetencji
Start date: Jul 1, 2014, End date: Jun 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is aimed at four groups of students PCEUiP enrolled in contest: mechatronics technician (2 groups of 16 and 20 students), technician / mechanic air ( 16 students ) and techniques devices and renewable energy systems (20 students) . The total number of participants is 72 students and 8 carers / teachers , two for each group . The term of apprenticeship : 2 weeks. Venue practice: Spain . The replacement of teachers' experience includes projects plan to exchange experiences with a group of his professional counterparts overseas, read the terms and implementation of teaching abroad , exchange comments on the methods of confirming vocational qualifications , learning model of education abroad , better integration within a team of teachers and establishing cooperation the industry . Exchange of experience gives and opportunity to transfer good practice on the ground of our school. Teachers have the opportunity to improve their competences, conducive not only a career , but having a direct impact on students PCEUiP (among others. Interesting ideas through the use of teaching contribute to better cooperation with the students of our sausages, where classes will be more absorbing and interesting ). For students participating in foreign practices is a chance to learn new skills related to programming and support for numerically controlled machine tools. Modern technologies associated with the technique of producing change in a very rapid pace, so the design and capabilities of CNC machine tools are becoming more sophisticated, so the opportunity to learn and learning to use more devices, it will be extremely important is the completion of subsequent professional practice by students and in making future professional work.  Students will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the latest trends and technologies in the field of equipment for the production of renewable energy. They will also learn the practical sources of solar energy through contact with the devices used in systems for the production of solar energy. Practice for technicians mechanics / technicians bring air to perform technical evaluations of aircraft, perform maintenance line and base aircraft, repair teams and equipment for aircraft. Thanks odbytym training in specialized educational institutions and professional firms (the program assumes practice in training institutes and after two days for each group of industry companies in the field of : mechatronics , mechanics, aviation mechanics and renewable energy), students will have a chance to deepen their knowledge and practical skills device which is additionally certified.  Practical training will be a good point to compare the acquired theoretical and practical knowledge of the technologies developed in the partner country and develop their knowledge and skills. During the apprenticeship in the third grade students in companies involved in the construction or maintenance and repair of equipment, production, design and implementation of new technologies will be able to demonstrate skills acquired during the training abroad, thereby increasing their chances of future employment. In addition, the project aims to improve the professional profile of the students, by obtaining their skills and competencies to meet the needs of the labor market, the acquisition of additional qualifications by the project participants, enhance the language skills, knowledge of new systems and working methods and the acquisition of skills and methods of work in Europe and to raise the rank of vocational education. The objective is to enhance the quality and attractiveness of vocational training through innovative learning methods, qualified teaching staff and training, as well as the standardization of methods of training and certification of acquired skills and competences in European countries.
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