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Europejskie doświadczenia dziś to nowe perspektywy zawodowe jutro.
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project titled "Today's European experience brings new tomorrow's professional prospects" tries to encounter the expectations of the European Labour Market. A vision of development which was described by school years ago systematically evolves, consecutive actions are being undertaken to improve quality of education. Development of the institution allows graduates feel fulfilled in the labour market or continue education at the universities. The project develops experiences of the apprenticeships worked out during realization of three previous projects. Partners from both Poland and Europe were involved in the activities connected with preparing and introduction of the project. In preparation of the project the representatives of Regional Association of Employers "Podbeskidzie"and representatives of Employment Office in Oświęcim took part. Spanish Esmovia and Italian Sistema Turismo joined European Projects Development - the Portuguese a long standing partner and through them employers of these countries. 48 students from III grade of the technical college will participate in the Project: 36 IT specialists, 8 electronics, 4 hotel management technicians and 12 teachers of professional subjects will be developing their professional skills during the time planned for realization of the project activities. They will obtain new professional qualifications and experiences and will familiarize with the newest technological solutions. Moreover, they will get to know specificity of work of trade companies. Competences of using English language skills will be improved by participants emphasizing using of professional vocabulary which will make them motivated to learn another foreign language. Students will take part in 4-week-vocational apprenticeships in foreign companies during which they will get to know methods and techniques of work, learn to carry out specific for appropriate jobs activities and tasks. For teachers one-week-job shadowing will be organized during which they will have possibilities to familiarize with foreign labour market which is cooperating with training and professional education sectors. Gained by teachers European experience will be used to improve methods and techniques of work during realization of professional classes. Exchanging of the experience perfectly matches the principle of lifelong learning, supporting formal, out of formal and non- formal education. Going abroad will be proceeded by taking part in and language and from the range of preventing risk preparation. During the stay in the host country the role of the organizer will be overtaken by partner organization. Project activities will involve English language course with taking into account vocational English, workshops on cultural similarities and differences, and the workshops on the risk management, the cultural and pedagogical meetings. During the stay on the apprenticeships students will have the possibilities of learning the host country language by participating in the language courses with the native speakers. Mobilities will bring opportunities to learn the rich culture and heritage of host countries. Intercultural competences will be developed such as openness, acceptance, and tolerance. Attitude towards cultural dissimilarity will be changed. Stereotypes will be overcome. Activities connected with mobility will be based on European System of Transfer of Achievements in Professional training and education (ECVET), and gained by students and teachers skills will be proved by Europass Mobility documents. School will provide the certificates proving the level of mastering professional vocabulary in English. Gained by students skills will be assessed by foreign employers in the Apprenticeship Assessment Sheet. Evaluation which will be currently conducted will guarantee the high quality of the project. The results worked out this way will be disseminated in both local school its foreign partners environments. Quality and attraction of education will be increased by introducing experiences gained by teachers during the exchange. Project partners will strengthen their position in both local and European labour market, they will improve their work techniques. Employers will obtain qualified, motivated to further education employees. Project activities will influence all engaged in its realization sides, they will bring also advantages to the whole local community by preventing social exclusion. Project will be supporting people of the low standards of living, low income, difficult family situation, coming from small towns and with health problems. It will try to strengthen the level of motivation towards learning, and self-training. The increase of faith in one’s possibilities will be transferred into professional and personal aspirations. The participants will learn to overcome stress and adjust to a new environment.
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