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Europejski staż -szansą na aktywną przyszłość
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project „European internship- the opportunity for active future” emphasises professional and language development of students who are educated in fields: economics, IT technology, gastronomy and accommodation industry. The main aim of the project is to provide beneficiaries- from a small town and villages exposed to social exclusion- with the opportunity to broaden the knowledge and develop proffesional an language skills on the basis of European standards of work. The internship abroad will enable participants to gain experience on foreign markets separately from domestic standards and stereotypes, to improve proffesional attractiveness and quality of services they are going to offer. Moreover, students will perform in new proffessional and life circumstances. The constant contact with the foreign language will influence their language competence and let break up the language barrier. The internship abroad will definitely increase students` proffessional mobility. 65 students of Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych will benefit within the project. They will be divided into 3 groups. Group I- 20 students- 10 hoteliers and 10 gastronomy workers- will go to Rimini in spring 2016. Group II- 25 students- 10 hoteliers, 10 economists and 5 IT students- will go to Portsmouth in autumn 2016. Group III- 20 students- 10 economists and 10 gastronomy workers- will go to Frankfurt in spring 2017. Each group will go for an intership with 2 teachers from our school for 3 weeks. It is an optimal period to assimilate in a new surrounding and it is enough time for new proffesional and language knowledge acquisition. The internship of group I is organised by a partner from Italy Sistema Turismo- the beneficiaries will gain proffessional experience in hotels in Rimini: Hotel Due Mari and Hotel Continental E Dei Congressi. The internship of group II is organised by a partner from Great Britain Training Vision- beneficiaries will be trained in Holiday Inn, Ibis Budget hotel, Ibis hotel Portsmouth, G! Boutique. The internship for group III is organised by a partner Internationaler Bund in Germany- beneficiaries, both economists and gastronomy workers, will be trained by a proffesional and qualified staff. The main result of the project will be increase in proffessional knowledge and language competence, acquisition of new interpersonal skills, getting Europass Mobility certificate confirming proffessional qualifications, which is recognised by employers on European markets and certificates issued by sending and receiving organisations, which enrich proffessional portfolio of participants. Experience gained during realization of another international project with new partners is priceless for our school. Engaging locals entrepreneurs in the project has also a great value. Students have ability to contact local entrepreneurs, learn about their requirements and expectations. Participants will be able to compare requirements of local and European entrepreneurs. Thanks to this project Zespół Szkół Ekonomicznych will strenghten its position as an institution, which offers education on an European level both in the vocational and language field, which is an important aspect for lower secondary students while choosing a secondary school. We will start a cooperation with new partners and strenghten cooperation with a partner from Germany and local entrepreneurs.

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