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Europejski start po sukces uczniów Niepublicznego Technikum w Ostrowcu Św.
Start date: Dec 1, 2014, End date: Nov 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is dedicated to students from 2nd and 3rd year of the Non-public Technical Secondary School in Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski ZDZ in Kielce, who are trained to become logistic and IT technicians. The total number of participants constitute 47 (including 5 accompanying persons). There are 3 editions of traineeship in the project: traineeship I – Germany (Berlin)/16 students and 2 guardians/March 2015. traineeship II– Bulgaria (Sofia)/16 students and 2 guardians/November 2015. traineeship III – Spain (Valencia)/10 students and 1 guardian/March 2016. The aim of the project is to combine vocational education with the requirements of the job market and to reduce discrepancy between education and job market requirements. Realization of the project will result in preparing the young generation to take active part in public life of both Poland and European Union as well as to be an aware member of European community. By means of conducting the project we are going to help young people with becoming a part of European society. The aim of our actions is to strengthen motivation to study. The traineeship is a practical guidance that shows young people the importance of education and foreign language skills (practical verification at everyday situations). Through the project we want to supplement the lack of language skills as a main barrier to the European education, training and youth programs. The aim of the project is to increase the level of key competences and skills through strengthening cooperation between education and the job market. We also want to make young people aware of the importance of having foreign language skills as an essential competence of every employee on the job market. We are sure that thanks to the traineeship the knowledge about specialized foreign language will be increased and it will help students with enriching their foreign language vocabulary. During foreign traineeship students will extend their level of expertise and they will gain professional experience in logistics and information technology. The participants of the project will get familiar with standards and procedures applied in European Union countries. It will certainly facilitate their mobility and increase their self-esteem as qualified workers. The participation in the foreign traineeship will make young people be more competitive on the job market. Our students will become valuable candidates and prospective workers for their future employers. The aim of traineeship is to make young people realize that a well prepared, knowledgeable young person with a certain level of professional experience has a greater chance to find a job in Europe. We are sure that foreign traineeship conducted at the highest level, including all EU standards, will help with supplementing a shortage of qualified workers in the fields of IT and logistics in our country and in particular in the Świętokrzyskie region, what will facilitate its economic development. In the long term it will reduce the high level of unemployment in our region. Anticipated hard deliverables are as follows: – getting the Europass Mobility document – passing the traineeship that is one of conditions to get promotion to the next year. – certificates of participations in a foreign traineeship issued by the sending organization and the host one – professional experience will be assessed with special tools, such as: Participant Handbook, Company Handbook and Skills Portfolio – all those documents will be signed by the host companies, mainly by a foreign employer, who knows best what skills were achieved by a given participant. – In order to assess the effects of students’ learning and their knowledge of a foreign language progress both before as well as after the traineeship – skill tests will be carried out to compare what students have learnt during the traineeship. Anticipated soft skills are as follows: – acquiring professional experience – increasing participant’s mobility and their chances on the local, national and European job market – developing proper attitudes: a rise in activity, enterprise, developing openness, tolerance, cultural sensitivity, overcoming language barriers, increasing awareness of the importance of foreign languages - learning about a different cultural environment and functioning in it Promulgating the project results will be a continuous activity. Promulgating forms will be as follows: meeting with local authorities, press conferences, participation in educational fairs, booklets, bulletins, press information. To achieve our goal we will use the following tools: international partners’ websites, school website, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, television and press. Anticipated long-term benefits will be: acquiring new qualifications and clarity of recognition in the job market, growth of European identity as well as realizing the importance of learning.

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