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Europejski charakter edukacji zawodowej uczniów z Jarosławskiego „Spożywczaka”
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project entitled "Europejski charakter edukacji zawodowej uczniów z Jarosławskiego Spożywczaka” will last two years. It is addressed to 80 students. The main aims of the project are: increasing students’ mobility, improving students’ vocational, language, social and personal skills as well as enhancing their employment opportunities on both local and European labour markets. The traineeship will help students enhance their vocational skills and knowledge in the following fields: the production of confectionery, the preparation of equipment, chemical reagents and samples as well as performing analytical tests. The students will get acquainted with the organization of work and working conditions in a foreign country and will make use of the observations and experiences acquired abroad in their further education and working life. The beneficiaries of this project will improve language skills, especially vocational vocabulary (Italian or German for Specific Purposes), will become familiar with German and Italian culture, cuisine and eating habits. Taking part in a traineeship will boost students’ social and personal skills, shape their intercultural sensitivity, make them more open to foreigners and teach them how to adjust to living and working conditions in European countries. For the majority of the project participants it will be their first stay abroad, and for all the first traineeship abroad. The project assumes the implementation of ECVET System, together with our partners we plan activities to ensure the consistency between the countries of the European Union as far as the recognition of the competencies is concerned. The project is addressed to the students at the second and third year of the basic vocational school - confectioners as well as the students at the second and third year of the technical secondary school – nutrition technicians and chemical laboratory technicians. There will be 40 students from the confectionary industry: confectioners and nutrition technicians that study for the qualification T4 – The production of confectionery (20 students in May 2016 and 20 students in September/October 2016). The chemical industry will also be represented by 40 students – chemical laboratory technicians (20 students in May 2016 and 20 students in September/October 2016). Before the students go abroad, they will take part in a preparatory training which will include: language classes, vocational courses at school and in various workplaces, culture and business studies workshops, training in modern information and communication technologies (ICT). The traineeship abroad for all the students will last four weeks. The confectioners will be in Rimini (Sistema Turismo), the chemical laboratory technicians will be in Dresden (we have two partners: Europa Direct, SBG Dresden). A workplace and a type of post will be chosen according to the programme of the traineeship and the students’ needs. During the traineeship the students will learn a foreign language intensely for one full month. They will go on trips, participate in cultural events and parties organized by the partners and the teacher from Poland who will take care of them. They will share experiences and get to know new people. After their return to Poland, they will prepare and present Power Point presentations to share their experiences and feelings with the school community. They will make use of their experiences to promote and disseminate the project. The implementation of the project will improve the motivation to learn not only among the project participants but also among those students in ZSSCHiO who have not taken part in it. The trainees will make use of the knowledge acquired abroad during various competitions in the field of confectionery and chemistry as well as on vocational subjects. The significant growth of language and vocational skills will improve the students’ school-leaving exam results, enhance their employment opportunities and encourage them to invest in personal development. The participants will receive Europass certificates and other certificates confirming the completion of the traineeship, which will give the school the European character. The project will contribute to the improvement of the image of ZSSCHiO as it will demonstrate that ZSSCHiO cares about the students’ vocational education. It will increase the attractiveness of the educational offer and strengthen the European nature of education in ZSSCHiO. Thanks to the experience gained by the teaching staff working on the project, the teachers will increase their competences. It will contribute to the higher quality of education in ZSSCHiO and better cooperation with the employers and partners. It will also help plan similar activities in the future.

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