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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Meeting the needs of its students, the Secondary Schools Complex in Malbork No 3 comprehensively prepares the youth to find their place in more and more demanding job market, with a view to the fact, that the process depends on appropriate preparedness of the teaching staff. Creating friendly educating atmosphere the school enables the students to achieve a wide range of professions. The school involves students in numerous community and charity events which influences cultivating their characters. The professional staff has been a visit card of our institution, which is a leader if one takes quality of education and a varied offer of needed professions into consideration. The quality of the school is proved with the number of students who succeeded in plentiful vocational competitions as well as high results of the final exams, which are much better than local and national results. Our school cooperates closely with colleges educating in similar occupations, organizes visits to trade fairs and pays attention to constant education of its staff. The best students are enabled to gain work experience taking part in apprenticeship in foreign companies during projects organized with the foreign business partner ADC College from London. “European quality in vocational training” is a project for students and staff ,which our school is going to elaborate along with three foreign business partners: ADC College from London, Casa da Educacao from Lisbon and VFBQ association from Bad Freienwalde. The aim of the project is to use and develop professional skills altogether with Information Technology skills, as well as social, personal and language skills. The project is closely related with the vocational training the school offers. Vocational subject teachers participating in trainings and workshops (organized together with ADC College and VFBQ) will know the current situation of vocational training in the countries and will have the opportunity to compare them. The participants will gain practical skills of creating educational programs, will take part in the lessons organized by vocational schools. That will enable them to find about their techniques, organization of the classes, ways of motivation students and methods of marking gained abilities. Our teachers will learn how to use the CLIL methodology in vocational training. They will take part in workshops, seminars and discussions which combine theory with practical knowledge. Such choice of techniques and subjects will let the participants consolidate learning and practice the skills. The project presents the idea of four- week professional apprenticeship, prepared for September and October 2016, for forty students, from the third technical classes in the occupations of: hotel management technician, logistics technician, information technology technician. There are also attendant teachers who take care of the participating students. The students will have the chance to develop interests, learn and practice working in modern companies which use modern European solutions and technologies. It will help them to gain professional knowledge but also develop language, interpersonal and cultural competences. The school is responsible for recruitment and preparing the participants of the project to departure. The students and teachers are to take part in the series of classes which are especially arranged to equip them with appropriate knowledge about culture, character of professions and other useful information. At the classes the participants will take language tests to check their language skills. The transit from Malbork to the destination places is ensured. The foreign partners organize stays as well as full board for all the participants. Additionally, all the participants will be insured. The foreign partners are responsible for choosing appropriate places of apprenticeship, accordingly to the aims of the project, as well as commuting of the participants. The teachers will be able to participate in workshops followed by practical activities organized with help of local companies and associations. Planned accomplishment of the apprenticeship will be inspected by checking the notes and on visits. The supervisors of the students will be responsible for marking the students’ apprenticeship time. The mark is an integrated part of the journal and it will be the primary and essential part to complete the training. The foreign partners in agreement with the employers will deliver special documents certifying completing the apprenticeship and learned competences. Achieved competences will be confirmed with Europass Mobility document. By participating in the project the school will increase the attractiveness of vocational educating program. The position of school in the local environment as well as regarding the school by the local society will also benefit. That will be the chance to indicate where new development’s and work’ s perspectives are.

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