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European youth model toward active citizenship
Start date: 01 Nov 2011,

The Project scope is in line with the Objectives and Priorities of the Youth in Action Program and the Call and aims to:mobilize youths from 4 countries of EU, Asia and Latin America for raising their awareness ondemocratic values and encouraging them to exchange their concerns on common issues youthunemployment, marginalization and poverty and on the role of sport as a tool for reducing socialexclusionpromote a European psycho-physical model for self-assertion and risk avoidance for cultivatingproactive citizenship behaviourstimulate youth socially responsible activities by networking and good practices exchangestrengthen the capacity of partners to develop democratic culture among the youths they work with The project objectives will be achieved through the following main activities:Sound managementLocal awareness raising campaignsInternational 5-day training, exchange of good practices, voluntarism and work with youths throughsport - demonstrations, visit to Youths Consultancy CentreFoundation of International Youth Network for long-term cooperation toward active citizenship, Modelpromotion,Round table with government officials, press-conference Venue(s): Local events in Sofia, Athens, Almaty and Cochabamba. International event in Sofia Number of participants: directly locally involved: 60 pers./partner; at international level: 6 pers./partner Project outputs: 20 youths trained, е-Handbook (Model, Good practices), 16 seminar materials, Training е-booklet, Website, Facebook, film, 1400 CDs - project materials/results, e-Bulletin, 2000 leaflets, Evaluation, Final and Audit ReportsDissemination strategy is designed to address the project products end-users, decision-makers at all levels, supporters and interested stakeholders through:Website to popularize the project objectives, activities and results with links to websites of thepartners, sport federations and youth organizations, EU and international institutionsProfile in FacebookLeaflets and CDs with project materials/results spread by partners during the project campaigns andat different events - local and international seminars, conferences, meetings etc.Sets with project and Program logos for the participants in the project events - bags, folders, T-shirts,booklets, etc.Project materials and outputs available on CD, website and FacebookLocal media publications and press-conference in Sofia impact will be achieved by raising participant awareness about fundamental values and ways to handle stress and risks, motivation for attitude changes towards tolerance, respect of rules, multicultural dialog and cooperation, gaining practical skills in rising and defining problems, team/networking. Youth workers will be able to use the Model creatively. All stakeholders will benefit from the disseminated project outputs
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