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European Youth Autumn
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 30 Sep 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project European Youth Autumn ( EYA ) consisted in the implementation of two EVS activities in Belvì, Barbagia (Sardinia), starting from September 2014: - through the first activity the Municipality of Belvì was supported during eight/ten months by two Ukrainian and German volunteers in carrying out activities in social, cultural and environmental fields; - The second activity, which gives its title to the project, allowed the Municipality to host 12 volunteers coming from four countries (Ireland, Latvia , Spain and Turkey ) for two months and organize, together with a Local Non Profit Association, the event "Autumn in Barbagia - Games and Flavors" , which takes place every year in Belvì in October and is aimed to the promotion and enhancement of cultural, artistic, environmental and gastronomic resources of Central Sardinia. The Barbagia Belvì is, from different points of view, a very disadvantaged area: an island in the island, where geographical barriers do not facilitate inter-cultural dialogue's opportunities and, consequently, growth and personal development are more difficult. Overall objectives of the project are: - promotion of solidarity and social inclusion; - active citizenship and participation of young people in democratic life; - mutual understanding and enrichment amongst young people; - promotion of cultural diversity, to be understood as wealth and not an obstacle ; - strengthening the sense of belonging to the European Union ; - an opportunity for young people coming from different Countries and backgrounds to learn about different cultures and traditions; - intergenerational dialogue . Specific objectives of the project are: - the revitalization of an area with large geographical barriers subject to depopulation and school drop-outs; - development of young people's language skills and inter-cultural experience and, consequently, employability; -consequent reduction of youth unemployment, which affects nearly 50% of Youth in Sardinia, above all among NEETs; - to increase sense of initiative, active citizenship and volunteering in Sardinian and foreign Youngsters. EVS long-term volunteers supported the municipality of Belvì and its library in their activities, such as organizing initiatives and meetings aimed to promote reading or carrying out recreational and entertainment activities for children and elderly people . They also helped pupils with their homework and participated in meetings with schools , associations and local authorities aimed to raise awareness on environmental protection and EU's opportunities. Short-term EVS volunteers had different tasks, depending on their areas of interest, which mainly consisted of support in organising the event Autumn in Barbagia. Support was related to the preparation phase of the exhibition areas , preparation of performances, assembly of promotional materials and communication. The methodology used was non formal, informal, participatory and based on "learning by doing", team work, exchange of experience, horizontal relationships and interactive workshops . The project has been designed so that both the host community and volunteers could benefit from the activities carried out and impacted volunteers, local young people, hosting and sending communities. Main results are: - Belvì and Barbagia's areas revitalized ; - local and foreign youth more active, resourceful and with a greater spirit of volunteering and adaptation ; - development of skills, abilities and knowledge (a tangible result were the Youthpass ) ; - youth unemployment rate decreased.
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