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European Voices and Echo Start-up for Dual Action - Európai Hangok és Válaszok. Duális Akcióterv Vállalkozóvá Válás Fejlesztésre
Start date: 02 Jun 2016, End date: 01 Jun 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

European Voices and Echo Start-up for Dual Action is a boosting project involving an action plan to undertake numerous priorities within the framework of life-long learning. The main goal of the project is to track the following values, draw up dual action plans in order to receive echo answers in dual education of VET resulting internationalization. The most important component of the project is to advance Start-up competencies, to emerge interpersonal competencies when individuals starting to be employed or launch successful entrepreneurship. During the one year project 14 highly accomplished teachers, tutors, experts, career teachers, instructors take part in the project work. Participants of ‘Dual Voices’ own the appropriate teachers’ background, they are devoted to complete the project aims and they are open to acquire, renew their knowledge and innovative approaches in the theme. They gladly acquire cooperation with other institutions and implementation of international experience. The experts are familiar with social and economic problems of the region, the overall system of dual education and the importance of Start-up enterprise with its social inclusion and benefit. Tutors want to find the most up-to-dated solutions, aspects, methods while completing up-skilling. ‘Dual Voices’ external mobility lasts for 2 weeks. The project applies the method of BeTwin during the international dialogues with the informal changes of the best-practices. The project tasks are fulfilled in workshops, technical and professional visits with regarding to modify the experts’ point of view, to follow and implement the best-practices and keep up partnership and cooperation (among educational institutions - workplacement - SMEs). Participants follow and analyse the process of School-to Work, the school-based and workplacement components. ‘Dual Voices’ highlights the significance of possessing trade skills, added the role of up-skilling & re-skilling as they guarantee advantages. In addition to this the project refers to the scheme how to use trades’ potentials and supportive financial background. The project of ’Dual Voices’ organizes extensive conditions such as social inclusion, practice-based training, the balance of theory & practice, transparency and flexibility between trades. The project valorises the latest initiatives, EU coherencies and transparency in ECVET. Our Northern-Irish host partner, NWA - is an expert within E+ programmes – arranges the programme of the mobility. NWA represents the best-practices, educational models and the content of In-company and Real-life training. The 3 phases of the project development: input - means - outcome. During the 14 days workshops, technical visits, Start-up meetings, open conversations and seminars realize the knowledge transfer. I. Institutional part-Introduction of the tasks, duties and responsibilities of NWA, NWRC, Jobs Centre, Fab Lab VET. II. Enterprises part - Considering, analysing and evaluating the theme of Theory and Practice Integration, Decentralized Dual Trainings, Social Exclusion and Inclusion with VET, Our youth, our future', ’Melting Points with Skills’, Job Fairs and Junior Achievement programmes as to transfer acquaintances and familiarities. During the project participants’ learning competencies are improved by mutual work, cooperative learning forms are performed in the sectors of VET. The priority of cooperation between schools and enterprises is appraised, the partnership joining entrepreneur-ship and educational institutions converts into a cost-effective, supportive relationship. The forms of intercultural, informal, non-formal learning methods are positioned and underlined, the transparency and interoperability (ECVET, EQAVET) are intensified to put internationalization into the focal point. Our project is to increase the numbers of trainees in VET. In Derry region the knowledge established in dual education, the implementations of Start-ups sophisticate the outcome of the project. By the staging the Northern-Irish exemplars our educational modules, teaching algorithm and theme management are upgraded. By applying ECVET and EPC (European Professional Card) interpretations, their transparency becomes more comprehensible. The project increases Team competency. ‘Dual Voices’ project results that the progression of up-skilling and re-skilling terms which can be applicable at any ages, both for trainees and trainers, completed during formal or non-formal VET. Furthermore, innovative approaches are to implement and have an impact vertically and horizontally, to adjust interpersonal relationships and keep up mutual connection in the EU ensure professional enlargement. The output and the effectiveness of the project are monitored, measured by the Pro-Mobility Toolkit. The ‘Dual Voices’ project maintains the professional diversity and its positive values and international benefits regarding to the Professional Qualification Directives 2005/36 EC.
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