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European Vet Nurse Education: Mobilities in Europe
Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Erna-Graff-Foundation was founded by a considerable private donation from a passionate friend of animals, named Erna Graff, over 30 years ago. A central purpose of the foundation is the promotion of education, information, sensitivity and orientation towards the rights of animals embedded in an ecological world view. In this context the protection of animals has to be understood as having a social, emotional , cultural and ethical value as well as presenting challenges in respect of economic issues and the health of consumers. This idea has been promoted by ERNA’s different activities including legislative means, radio features, the promotion of research, pilot projects in continuous education and the development of teaching materials and books for students. In 2011 the first workshop and seminar for the teaching of teachers and other teaching staff concerning animal protection in class had been organized, together with a work group of the local authorities for school education in Berlin, Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Wissenschaft. As a consequence of this the project “TIKA” had been started together with the Chamber of Veterinaries in Berlin. TIKA is dedicated for the teaching of teachers in Berlin Schools concerning animal protection and correct care of house animals. For some years EGS has been active in a working group at European level preparing programmatic European activities like the first Conference on Animal Education, which took place in Brussels in 2010. EGS initiated a pilot project at European level called Walk-The- Dog, with a teacher work book and teaching material for pupils that has been distributed all over Germany and to some other European countries. A large number of schools throughout Europe are working with the teaching material that has been translated into English and Greek. The EGS board of directors decided in 2013 to participate in the ERASMUs+ KA 1 program in order to strengthen intercultural training and quality in professional education to bring about holistic competence and improved animal welfare in Europe. Already in 2010 EGS started the preparation of european projects in professional education because it is a matter of fact that there is a big need for ecological education especially in professions that deal with veterinary and agricultural tasks. EGS started with a pilot study and decided to focus on the professional education of veterinary nurses in Europe. The aim is to improve and to stress animal rights and ensure correct treatment of animals in professional education. In the framework of KA 1, individual Mobilities, ERASMUS+, EGS initiated a cooperation of all relevant institutions in Berlin that deal with dual education of vet nurses in Berlin on a regional level, called “Berlin Consortium Vet Nurse Europe”. This cooperation is built between EGS, Chamber of Veterinaries in Berlin and the professional school called OSZ Gesundheitstechnik, educating 3 classes of Vet Nurses every year (approx. 80 vet learners). The protection of animals is one central aim of Erna-Graff- Foundation, an NGO that has been founded 30 years ago. The basis idea of "Vet Nurse Europe" is to focus and strenghten the protection of animals in the world of professional education in veterinary professions. Following to this the promotion of an holistic professional competence is essential as an integral part of social learning last not least in the client contact with animals and their owners. Prevention, self- organization and the development of an holistic competence in the framework of ecological thoughts should be strenghtened and considered in veterinary professions much more in the near future. All this can be promoted in cooperation with european partners for individual mobilities, esp. of vet learners. Aims oft he project:The project will improve the professional competence of participants. It will enable and promote individual mobility of vet learners in order to make them profit of learning chances to stay in a foreign country. Furthermore professional education should be improved in regard of ECVET. The systems of professional education should be more transparent and comparable. This is essential for the aims of Kopenhagen. There is something basically new that gives an innovative approach to this project. The promotion of ERASMUS+ mobilities will enable a cooperation between dual institutions in Germany and university/ colleges in Great Britain in the field of vet nurse education. In plus the main parts of the cooperation will take place in working places and veterinary hospitals i.e. that the german vet learners will have the chance to get to know details oft he work situation in the partner countries. The consortial partners expect a contribution towards the Kopenhagen Process dedicated to dissolve the frontiers between grown structures of professional education in Germany and partner countries. Thus a future mobility pool will be created.
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