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European Values and Being Physically Active through Games for a Better Life
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Feb 28, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our most important goal is to prevent early school leaving (ESL) and supporting all students from all levels. Studies show that people without secondary education are less involved in democratic processes and are less active citizens. With the help of our project, we intend to create schools which are much more than a place merely for teaching, but rather an institution intended for upbringing a future active citizen who has basic abilities for a healthy and good lifestyle.With the help of this project, we (Portugal, Latvia, Turkey, Romania, Poland) intend to cover two dimensions: being active and learn to living EVs, specifically in sport environment by emphasizing fraternity, justice, peace, equality-especially gender equality, tolerance, solidarity. These are the important values and we believe that sport is a good way to learn and transform them to the daily life.We also intend to promote number of persons who give importance being physically active not only because of health related reasons but also social-related reasons. With the help of this study we will promote equity and inclusion by giving chances learners with disadvantaged backgrounds and fewer opportunities, enhance the quality of education in partner schools and promote being international and ultimately prevent ESL by making students deal with activities and work cooperatively in a group. To understand the effectiveness of the project a pre-test and a post–test analysis will help us. Prepared questionnaires will be applied to both control and the experiment groups. Although the experiment groups will participate a-2-days-a-week training program, the control group not. In this project, totally two Transnational Project Meetings will be actualized. The objective of the first one, in Romania, to plan all the project process; indicate which sports games will be emphasized, practiced and through which EVs will be put forward, or how evaluation procedures will be administered. The 2nd meeting will be in Poland where partners will evaluate all project process and find a way of writing final reportTo strengthen the quality of the project through the cross-border cooperation and to include the pupils for their own development and to get an idea about other cultures, this project includes 3 teaching- learning and training activities. The 1st meeting will be in Latvia where pupils show their preparations about Fraternity and peace. They will also learn each countries traditional games. The 2nd learning/ teaching and training activity will be actualized in Portugal. The mobility will be in March. All the participants work for organization of an exhibition showing women success in sport, and a date banner including people struggling for the justice. The products will be shown in Portugal. Pupils are also responsible for the practicing swimming, Folk Dance and/or fencing. All the partners will do some activities to increase awareness about women and sport on Women’s Day and during the March. After the 2nd learning/ teaching and training activity, an e-book (O1) collecting traditional games of the partners will be published. The last learning/ teaching and training activity will be in Turkey. Before the activity, pupils will study on tolerance and solidarity. They will prepare a school magazine and prepare a theatrical activity-role play. These activities will be presented in Turkey. A comprehensive conference (E1) prepared and organized by Turkish Sport for All Federation (TSFAF) and Inonu Anatolian High School (IAHS). Activities related to tolerance and solidarity (walking, running, Trekking, cycling) will be practiced during the mobility. All the partners are obliged to do evaluation and informative meetings after return of each exchange of pupils, to understand what participants have done or which topics are covered to include the school stakeholders into the process. By all the informative activities, introductory booklets, banners, Transnational Project Meetings, Teaching- learning and training activities, communication groups, websites, posters, brochures, corners and slogans related with EVs and the importance of being active, this projects aims to reach approximately 8000 direct and indirect people.In addition to the O1, this project will also produce “A Comparative Study and Needs Analysis Report” (O2) which will be published and uploaded on the net. It will be also published and delivered to the Local or National Institutions and/or the school libraries for the ones who are interested in the child development.

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