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European Use of Full Immersion, Culture, Content, Service approach for language learning
Start date: Nov 1, 2011,

The project aims at enhancing motivation and capacity of language learners to study a second foreign language with the use of an innovative common methodology elaborated by the consortium and applied to the learning of Italian, Spanish and Portuguese as second foreign languages by students, interns, workers and other young people or adults going to Italy, Spain and Portugal for a study, training or working experience. EUFICCS (European Use of Full Immersion, Culture, Content, Service) methodology aims at teaching the second foreign language in the country where it is spoken as mother tongue, through the full immersion in the host country contest 24 hours a day, from language and academic courses, to the participation in cultural life and business experiences, voluntary service for the benefit of local community, and the practice of reflection. In that way the acquisition of a new language is not only the final goal of the methodology, but also a fundamental mean to discover a new cultural and acquire a reflective intercultural competence (RIC) that will enable learners to decode attitudes, behaviors and attributions in the culture they are fully immersed in, through a continuous work of observations, comparison, reflection. Once acquired, the RIC will be used by the learners to decode other intercultural experiences and become a full social actor of the European society. Project’s outputs will be:1) Teacher training handbook to work with the innovative methodology (in IT, ES, PT); 2) Course Design based on the new methodology, including contents, tools and evaluation criteria (in IT, ES, PT); 3) Guidelines for the use of the EUFICCS methodology to teach other European languages as second foreign languages (in EN) EUFICCS methodology and its related materials will be experimented with a semester-course for undergraduate students and young adults in each consortium institution.
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