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European Training Of Skills In Vocational Education And Training
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project is focused on the students of the second, third and fourth year of training in various programmes at School Centre Ptuj's schools - at Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering, Secondary School of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Secondary Biotechnical School, and Secondary School of Economics. It includes the students of the following programmes: agricultural technician, horticultural technician, environmentalist, mechanical engineering technician, car mechatronic technician, computing technician, technician in economics and window dressing technician. School Centre Ptuj has been offering students to participate in mobility in international environment in order to enable them to experience life and work abroad, as they would otherwise never experience due to their underprivileged status due to their economic or social situation. As regards international cooperation, the strategic plan of our School Centre determines that the activities are aimed towards improving the level of key skills and competences, recognising the acquired knowledge in a transparent way and deepening the cooperation with our partner organisations which will influence on upgrading basic skills and integrating them into the future school curricula. In the selection process of the participants, School Centre Ptuj cooperates with the staff as well as the local companies and thus strengthens its role in the local environment and also its links with the local partners. As regards mobility, we also offer the local employers to accompany our students to host countries and thus benefit from mobility, too. Namely, they can share their skills and competences and transfer any innovative approaches to their established working processes. The role of the accompanying staff during the mobility is also vital, since they provide the personal and professional support to the participants of mobility. Besides this, the staff can also get acquainted with new teaching and working methods and can incorporate them into their own work at home schools or into the next school curricula, thus bringing an added value to their role in the School Centre Ptuj. Thus, the School Centre can boast of quality in many fields, namely as regards, education, work, participants, staff and management. Besides gaining work experience, the participants of mobility will have a chance to develop other skills and competences. They will improve their language skills, learn to analyse and solve problems and suggest any possible solutions. Thus, they will have a chance to practice critical thinking, to be resourceful, innovative and adaptable. Self initiative and independence are additional vital components of the acquired set of skills and competences resulting from the mobility. The participants will also upgrade their ICT knowledge, develop their social and civic skills and competences. Interpersonal development as well as cultural and national awareness will be integral parts of the mobility outcomes, too. Therefore, their practical training abroad is not only concentrated on their professional component, but also on their personal development. School Centre Ptuj encourages students to participate in mobility as we are aware it has many positive outcomes. Besides personal and professional gains, it is also a successful promotion of vocational education in Slovenia as well as abroad. Additionally, it gives the students a valuable experience in which they become aware of their belonging to the School Centre as well as to their regional and national environment. And the School Centre itself has the opportunity to establish its role in the international environment as well. The project will be carried out in cooperation with partner organisations which will help us plan future mobility on the basis of the experiences from the past projects. We are planning to prepare draft programmes of future mobilities and promote Erasmus+ project among the target groups. Carefully selecting the participants will be followed by a thorough preparation to the mobility. School coordinators and a group of experts will prepare the necessary documents and implement the mobilities. The activities will be concluded with the presentations and promotion of the mobility, evaluation of the project and dissemination of the results in the local environment in order to promote mobility as well as vocational education. We expect the participants in mobility will experience real-life on-the-job learning, which will provide them with valuable acquisition of numerous key skills and competences. At the same time, School Centre Ptuj will benefit from the project as regards increasing the quality of teaching and assessment, as well as including newly acquired skills and competences of the participants and the staff in the future school curricula. As an institution, School centre will strengthen its international relations and also its role in the national and international environment.

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