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European training events for staff working with art based learning
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

JSKD as a national organization provides professional support for artists in the field of amateur culture. Amateur culture and its creators are, compared with professional institutions, more integrated into the local environment, have the impact on social cohesion, promote intercultural dialogue and have other social impacts. For all amateur artists JSKD offers professional support which is provided by the professional organizers of cultural events, which also prepare development plans and act as program managers. Their work is based on recognition of needs of the environment and knowledge of professional standards for individual artistic field. They also act as facilitators and promoters of culture and art, which is a fundamental feature of the widest accessibility for all target audiences. In doing so, they are facing difficulties such as lack of sensitivity for amateur culture area by the decision makers. Sometimes they also have modest knowledge of the possibilities amateur culture provides for creators and target audiences. With intention that the organizers, managers and cultural promoters act also in the field of audience development; they need to acquire additional knowledge, skills and competencies which they will be able to use to implement the project. Approaches and methods for different audiences vary, so they will attend the training modules within their working area. Eight participants will, in a period of one year, attend five different seminars in Denmark, the Netherlands, Hungary, Croatia and Britain. Seminars have different topics, namely the seminar in Utrecht addresses methodological work with an older population, which, according to the European trend of an aging population, is crucial knowledge. Older people represent a large part of active amateur creators; creativity preserves their mental and physical vitality, as well as provides them a social network which is the key to a happy and satisfying aging. One participant, attending the seminar, is working as organizer of cultural events for the elderly. Topic of the seminar in Copenhagen (2 participants) is lifelong learning trough the amateur arts with an emphasis on documenting and using the results for the promotion and advocacy. As mentioned above, the amateur culture has broad societal impacts, but due to the lack of methodology and research it is difficult to introduce those impacts to decision-makers and other interested parties. Preparation of the methodology and implementation of research is crucial for the affirmation of activity, particularly for integration into educational processes of the adult population, where the creativity in current practice is rather neglected. Both participants are working on the preparation of documentation and analytic. Five participants will take part in a seminar in Budapest, where they will learn about the methods and best practices on how to introduce culture and creativity to vulnerable groups in society who, for various reasons in the field of culture are not yet active. The acquired knowledge, the participants (all organizers of cultural events) will use to prepare programs for different vulnerable groups (immigrants, blind, children from socially disadvantaged families ...). Seminar in Vodice (2 participants) will highlight networking and learning about European organizations working in field of amateur culture. Both participants of the seminar have so far been active in international organizations, and they will use exchange of experiences in order to prepare future international projects and programs. Two participants will attend the seminar in Birmingham, which aims to study and highlight the connection and interaction between amateur and professional culture. Both are engaged into preparation of JSKD program, into guidelines development and strategic documents for the entire field of amateur culture and the interdepartmental development programs. At these seminars, participants will gain knowledge and experience from other European countries to establish programs for different target audiences (programs for the elderly, vulnerable groups, knowledge of analytic methodologies as well as tools on how to use collected data for promotion of activities, networking with professional cultural sphere in the preparation of development programs and gain knowledge to prepare educational programs for adults). The results of the implemented projects will be collected and released in the media, publications and expert articles for a wider audience, experts and decision makers (local communities, ministries... The project covers a wide field of activities, with the aim to enable not only the long-term implementation of amateur culture as a significant societal activity, but also to develop awareness within target groups. In that way the project will significantly contribute to the development of audiences in the segments of the population that in the area of culture so far have not been active.

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