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European Tools 4Adult Education Development in Andalucía
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

More adult learning can help Europe overcome the economic crisis, meet the need for new skills, and keep its ageing workforce productive. Learning is also essential for social inclusion and active citizenship. These days, people cannot just rely on the skills they acquired at school to last them till the end of their working life. The participation of adults in learning varies significantly between EU countries: from 1.4% to 31.6% (2012 ), and the overall trend is that numbers are stagnating. The future European labour market will be simultaneously confronted with an ageing population and shrinking cohorts of young people. As a result, adults will increasingly be called upon to update and broaden their skills and competences through continuing education. This increased need for lifelong learning means we should have more flexible modes of delivery, tailored training offers and well-established systems of validation of non-formal and informal learning. Innovation is needed in the European educational sector and especially in the adult education sector, as many adults need new skills and competences. Inercia Digital wants to improve its European dimension in order to provide more effective experiences and better learning experiences to its students. To do so wants to gain several objectives through enhancing its staff skills and internationalise its organization. Its Overall objectives are - improve the level of key competences and skills, with particular regard to their relevance for the labour market and their contribution to a cohesive society, in particular through increased opportunities for learning mobility and through strengthened cooperation between the world of education and training and the world of work; - foster quality improvements, innovation excellence and internationalisation at the level of education and training institutions, in particular through enhanced transnational cooperation between education and training providers and other stakeholders; - promote the emergence and raise awareness of a European lifelong learning area designed to complement policy reforms at national level and to support the modernisation of education and training systems, in particular through enhanced policy cooperation, better use of EU transparency and recognition tools and the dissemination of good practices; -enhance the international dimension of education and training Specific Objectives - Increase the capacity of the applicant organisation to operate at EU/international level, improving management skills and internationalisation strategies, reinforcing cooperation with partners from other countries; increasing quality in the preparation, implementation, monitoring and follow up of EU/international projects. For this reason the project has set up a training programme focus on International and European Dimension bof Education provider organizations. Participants will be 5 staff member of Inercia Digital . The project main impact for INERCIA DIGITAL is: - Elaborated a long term European and International strategy, and a positive attitude towards European and International projects dimension; - improved quality of the use of European tools in management, preparation, techniques, strategies ; - European tools integrated in the curriculum; - gained awareness that European and International tools and European programmes affects the quality of learning and teaching, attitudes and behaviour; - gained commitment to ongoing professional development in European and International tools and European programmes, staff informed of courses in professional development, as well as offered general support; - innovative and improved way of operating towards their target groups, by providing: more attractive programmes for students; - improved training staff’s qualifications; - gained a more modern, dynamic, committed and professional environment inside the organisation: ready to integrate good practices and new methods into daily activities; - increased capacity to operate at EU/international level: improved management skills and internationalisation strategies; Locally and Regionally, Inercia Digital want to be an example and point of reference for all the Education Provider, and could help others to improve their level of intgration and use of European tools and programmes in their activities. Moreover it could be able to guide other similar institution in the participation in Erasmus+ In a EU PERSPECTIVE the project impact positively on several aspects in accordance to its dimension: - it enhance the possibilities of Adult Students to participate and understand European programmes; - dissemination activities improve awareness of European tools integration issue in educational organization to spread the usefulness of such training program for education staff among: *stakeholders ; *citizens (local communities and European community - press, social network, website, dissemination activities);
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