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European Teacher Education for Primary Schools

The project will bring together teacher education institutions in 6 different countries to analyze, compare and choose best practices in teacher education as a background for developing a teacher education program for primary schools on a European level. The consortium will develop an integrated program leading to a full bachelor degree recognized in the participating countries and building on the idea that the best qualified academic staff in the participating institutions should be used to facilitate the education of the coming teacher regardless of the nationality of the staff. European citizenship and the idea of Europe as a community in a globalized world are given special attention in the subjects and modules developed as well as in the ethos of the project and therefore also in the outcome of the project. The project strongly supports the fact that in the long run nothing is as integrating and essential for building up a common understanding as education. Student and staff mobility is supposed to be essential to developing a feeling of European citizenship so the partners must rely on personal contact and first-hand cooperation when developing and implementing the project, a European Teacher Education program. For this reason there will be some meetings in the project so that a common understanding can be developed on the basis of being together face to face. The consortium is strong because the different partners have worked together in other projects for a long period and are not just brought together in this project. The mutual confidence is based on good experiences between the partners from other contexts. The project involves quite a few persons from each partner institution so the organisation and management are rather firm, involving highly positioned persons in the partner institutions and a project manager with a strong experience in management of international projects. The project is very concrete: create a teacher education that can be accredited in as many European countries as possible and enrol the first students in 2009. As a minimum, identify the subjects and the modules that can be recognized by all the participating institutions.

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