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European Students Conference at Yale University
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Many of us came to the United States to pursue higher education. We still feel highly connected to the European Union and want to contribute to finding answers to the challenges ahead of us in the EU.For this reason, we propose a one-year Jean Monnet Project called “European Students Conference” to encourage students from US universities in their academic, personal and professional commitment to the future of the EU. The main activity of the proposed project is a European Students Conference at Yale University on February 13 and 14, 2015. At the conference, eighty students from US universities will discuss the future of the EU, together with distinguished professors from Yale University (Seyla Benhabib, David Cameron, Jolyon Howorth, David Bach) and Boston University (Vivien Schmidt). The debates will take place in workshops and plenary sessions facilitated by European policy-makers (e.g. from Directorates-General in the European Commission) and/or researchers of policy think-tanks. The main outcome of the conference will be a collection of visions (ideas) and strategies (plans of actions) for the future of the EU regarding 1. EU’s borders, 2. Identity and solidarity, 3. Democratic participation, and 4. Innovative economy. With the technical support of the conference organizers, the academic guidance of high-level professors and the practical advice of EU policy-makers, students are expected to found a US-based student think-tank for EU policies and affairs after the conference. Through the think tank, they will follow up on their visions and strategies by organizing concrete initiatives at their “home” US universities (e.g. EU-related publications, seminars etc.).The longer-lasting effects will be that European Union Studies Departments will get more prominence at US universities and that more US-based students – both with and without personal origins in the EU – will dedicate student creativity, ingenuity and time to build a successful future for the EU.
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