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European Social Value of Sport: training Sport Coaches as socially and educationally Skilled
Start date: 01 Nov 2011,

The project is based on European Commission's recognition of the social value of Sport and, consequently, of the importance of the role of sport trainers as social educators both within pedagogy and andragogy. EDUCO seeks to contribute in rendering Sport practice a place where competent adults provide the act of Sport of educational signifiers and where Sport Clubs- through their “coaches skilled in social & educational matters” - become integral part of the informal welfare network and thus contribute to the social inclusion and social cohesion goals. Framing itself within this concept, EDUCO aims at producing a training path and a learning methodology based on the encounter between Sport Coaches (professional and/or volunteers) , specialists of physical educational processes and Non profit sector expertise, specialists of the social educational perspective. The aim is twofold. On the one hand EDUCO is concerned with the production of a training path for recognizing and valorising the competences of Sport Coaches, framing them within the existing competences framework models. On the other hand, EDUCO pursues the objective relative to increasing the competences of sport coaches in a social and educational sense. The project involves 5 countries and shapes up an interesting complementarity both at geographic (we have 2 new EU members, 1 IPA country and 2 western EU countries) and at competences/expertise level. Combining Narrative learning methodology and problem solving oriented training (ALG), the training programme will touch a series of competence areas, such as: - Communication Skills- Interpersonal and social skills - Gender roles and gender mainstreaming - Disability within Sport - Sport as a social inclusion device - Conflict management - Intercultural relationship and intercultural communication - Principles of planning and design of socio-educational interventions - Prevention of socially at risk behaviour through sport
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