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European Sales Competition
Start date: Oct 1, 2012,

Europe 2020 strategy prioritizes growth as a success factor for the future of the whole Europe. Sales function is in a crucial role when enterprises are implementing their strategies into the practice. However, in Europe enterprises can’t get enough sales professionals with competencies to sell products and services in the international markets. This weakens European companies’ possibilities to grow or even to survive in the global competition. At the same time Universities are in financial crisis and therefore forced to find innovative ways to train new professionals. Based on these unpleasant facts, the main aim of the USAIN project is to develop a modern win-win model for the cooperation of Universities and enterprises in the sales education. It will be reached by the European Sales Competition concept where enterprises actively contribute to the University level sales education in its all phases: planning, implementation and assessment of students’ performance. Because of the evident added value, enterprises are also willing to monetary invest to this cooperation with Universities.For the first time in Europe, we will be focusing on a truly international sales competition with the deep involvement of Sales Study Programs from four Higher Education Organizations and one intermediate organization. Based on active benchmarking of US models as well as promising experiences from National level Sales Competitions in Europe, we have created a European Sales Competition concept that can be used as a platform to start working on professionalizing the sales education all over Europe.From the students’ point of view European Sales Competition concept offers more advanced studies to improve their international sales competencies. European companies who constantly spend millions of Euros in training new sales recruits can drastically reduce their sales training costs and become more efficient in an increasingly competitive work force market.
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