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"European ResearcH on DevElopmentAL, BirtH and Genetic Determinants of Ageing" (EURHEALTHAGEING)
Start date: Feb 1, 2012, End date: Jan 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Developmental plasticity modulated by epigenetic processes such as methylation and post-translational modifications is influenced by early life events and determines risk of age related diseases later in lifeWe propose a multi-disciplinary approach incorporating biochemistry, genetics, epidemiology, epigenetics and bioinformatics to discover novel biomarkers of ageing and interventional pathways to reverse changes at an early stage. A consortium of 8 members including three SMEs leaders in genetics epigenetics, post-translational modifications and metabolomics will investigate plasticity in developmental changes at pre-natal, peri-natal and early life stages on ageing in three European cohorts with rich early life data and age-related health outcomes. The identical twin data which has extensive epigenetic, genetic and metabolomic data will be utilised as a “discovery” set and the other cohorts will be used for confirmation. This multi-disciplinary project will improve our understanding of the links between fetal or perinatal events and ageing process and by combining the latest technologies in genetics, epigenetics, metabolomics and post-translational modification technologies. It will allow to develop biomarkers of ageing that reflect the role of early development on ageing. Using the collective skills and experience of eight groups at the cutting edge of European genetic and ageing research this project will identify molecular biomarkers detectable in early life that can predict age-related health (or disease) outcomes and identify pathways for intervention that can be modified while changes are still reversible."

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