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European Regions Enhancing Internationalisation In Vocational Educatiion and Training
Start date: Nov 1, 2012,

The network “European Regions Enhancing Internationalisation in Vocational Education and Training“(EREIVET) has the objective to enhance quantity and quality of learning mobility in vocational education and training. Mobility, recognition of vocational degrees, transparency in vocational education and training, the cooperation between different partners in vocational education and training are main aims of the Copenhagen process which is subsumed under EU2020 Strategy.In this project 15 partners from 12 countries are cooperating to develop a common strategy to enhance learning mobility in VET in quantity and quality, one of the most appropriate measures for the internationalisation of VET. One important objective is to bring the transparency instruments Europass and ECVET, which were established in the course of the Copenhagen process, directly into the classrooms. Another topic of the cooperation will be the EQF and the corresponding national qualification frameworks and especially the shift towards a learning outcome approach for describing qualifications. Learning mobility, i. e. transnational mobility for the purpose of acquiring new skills, is one of the fundamental ways in which individuals, particularly young people, can strengthen their future employability as well as their personal development.To achieve these aims, partners are needed who are able to implement all the instruments and who can achieve the aims proposed by the European Commission and Council. Within this network the participating organisations take an active role in this process.Members of the network are:- Regional school authorities - Associations of vocational schools of one region- Vocational schools with a regional network they are representingAll in all, the network is representing 1908 schools with VET, 49803 teachers and 829200 students and apprentices in initial VET. Most of the partners of the network have a wide range of experience with learning mobility.

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