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European Primate Network: Advancing 3Rs and International Standards in Biological and Biomedical Research (EUPRIM-NET II)
Start date: Jan 1, 2011, End date: Jun 30, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Biomedical research depends on the availability of living non-human primates and biological material with primate origin. The need for animal research using non-human primates is therefore recognised by all governments that support internationally competitive biomedical research aimed at addressing the world’s most pressing medical challenges. While essential for biomedical research owing to their similarity to humans, non-human primates are more than other animals endowed with high sensory and cognitive abilities. This is the basis of an international consensus that the use of primates in research has to comply with the highest ethical standards and should be restricted to cases where no alternatives exist. Research with primates has to follow the 3R-concept of Refinement, Reduction and Replacement. Meeting this requirement necessitates a commitment to substantial investments into appropriate facilities, specialized equipment and extensive training of personnel, which has been realised by the establishment of the I3-project EUPRIM-Net in the 6th framework programme. The aim of EUPRIM-Net is to contribute to European science by improving the ability of its participants to provide the best services, support the best science that meets the highest ethical standards for primate-based animal research.With the funding of EUPRIM-Net II we will build on the successes of the starting phase of EUPRIM-Net to focus on the following overarching core objectives:- advancing the 3Rs (refinement, reduction, replacement) in primate research- develop, refine and ensure best practice in primate research- extend the network in Europe to include commercial partners and extend the network to include non-European primate centres to insure a global sharing of available resources.Additionally, EUPRIM-Net places a focus on moving away from EU funding and implementing self-sustaining structures.
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