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European Portfolio Certificate

The partnership, consisting of twelve Steiner Waldorf Schools in eight countries along with six associated partners from these countries, created and implemented a European Portfolio Certificate (EPC) for students who complete a Steiner Waldorf School education at the end of the secondary level, open to adaptation by other interested schools. The partnership developed common criteria for a European Porfolio, taking into consideration the Europass framework for the transparency and transferability of qualifications and competences and the need to keep the individuality of each School locality.With EPC the partner-Schools could better document the specific achievements and wider range of learning outcomes (formal, informal and non formal) of the student, therefore raise his/her aspirations and motivation to learn, as well as – on the level of a pilot run –characterize the Partner-School where the education took place, giving reliable information on both the level of education and the individual qualification of the student. The partnership experienced that portfolio-based assessment has a huge potential in making key-competences visible, thereby strengthening the individual dimension of life-long-learning. It became evident that portfolio-based-assessment will eventually help to decrease school failure, as classical testing of purely cognitive competences tends to de-motivate weaker students, whereas best practice portfolio methods obviously motivated learners increasingly by showing their individual strengths and by stimulating self-reflection and entrepreneurship. The partnership set up common criteria for the EPC, created a common folder for the EPC, developed a portfolio-based competence-analysis method for students and published guide lines for teachers that use EPC and for other schools interested to implement the EPC in the future.The EPC-Guidelines and EPC-Folder are being trademarked. Schools can obtain a license from the EPC-Group
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