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European Portal for International Courses and Services for Virtual Erasmus

Virtual Mobility (VM) is improving accessibility to other university courses European-wide and enables students to individualise and specialise their study programmes. All this within a virtual learning space with in principle no restrictions of the universities to visit. VM is however still “’locked in” several isolated projects and therefore only available to a restricted number of universities and students. In this project we will now work towards mainstream provision of VM by offering international courses clearly as an integral part of the university study programmes. Our main objective is to work from Virtual Mobility projects towards a Virtual Erasmus programme.For this purpose we bring together a consortium of coordinators from major VM projects to share the expertise and experiences in this field. Our consortium of VM experts will exploit results from former initiatives and further explore opportunities and barriers of VM with a special focus on accessibility-restricting factors like student admission, fee structures, assessment modes etc. This to come from project level to a mainstream provision of VM, hence a Virtual Erasmus programme.Like the physical Erasmus we can expect the dynamic in VM to come from university staff. In a dedicated WP on expanding VM, we will combine existing networks of VM and stimulate faculties to organise pilots of exchange in VM within bi-lateral or multi-lateral networks. To institutionalise mainstream provision of VM we will develop the supporting infrastructure of a European Portal for International Courses and Services (EPICS). All existing offerings from the VM projects and new international offered courses will be included in EPICS.
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