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European of corporate social responsibility (CSR) business practices
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The idea of the project "European corporate social responsibility (CSR) practices" appeared under the influence of four factor groups: Firstly, the escalation of risks for sustainable civilization development, that stipulates the necessity of quality transformations of basic corporate values and rethinking of the role of CSR; Secondly, the absence of the CSR knowledge in the Ukrainian educational programs; Thirdly, the accumulated by the EU innovative experience of CSR standards implementation may be useful in Ukrainian business environment; Lastly, the necessity of cardinal transformation of the modern education system in the direction of organizing the education process and applying the innovative technologies.Main aims of the project: • generalization of practices of the leading corporations of the European Union in the field of social responsibility; • distribution of knowledge about the leading European CSR experiences among listeners and teachers at KNEU, institutes affiliated with KNEU and civil society of Ukraine;• raising the quality of education due to modernization of the courses at KNEU ;• attracting young scientists and teachers to research of this subjects; • stimulation of the dialogue between scientists, businessmen and public institutions, and sharing the results of scientific researches. Main results:1. Creation of the new direction of scientific researches in the CSR sphere;2. Modernization of the programs of educational disciplines of KNEU (10 courses);3. Realization of the research about the "Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) business practises comparison: EU and Ukraine";4. Realization of the interdisciplinary training about "European Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practices";5. Creation of the project website about "European Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practices";6. Publication of the book "European models of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): adaptation in Ukraine".
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