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European Network of Bipolar Research Expert Centres (ENBREC)
Start date: Jul 1, 2009, End date: Jun 30, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Bipolar (BP) disorder is characterized by recurrent manic and depressive episodes, affecting more than 1% of the EU population. Delay in the diagnosis (based only on clinical features), uncertainties in the definition of episodes and on the treatment strategy best adapted to each patient lead to devastating socio-economic, professional and family consequences that be reverted by optimized diagnostic and treatment procedures. ENBREC is designed to build an EU-wide network of expert centres specialising in research and care on BP disorder, in order to integrate research efforts on the mechanism of disease, and on optimized diagnostic and treatment. Common tools and practice, training and information will help structuring the EU BP research community and translate research outcome into healthcare, as listed in the work packages: WP1: Management of the project WP2: Developing common tools for diagnosis and multinational cohort follow-up WP3: Developing common tools for cognitive assessment WP4: Assessment of common biomarkers and genetic markers WP5: Development of standards for imaging WP6: Treatment optimisation, definition of subgroups of responders WP7: Supporting multinational clinical research and data management WP8: Education, information, dissemination, translation of research outcomes into healthcare WP9: Extension to new countries and within the countries The consortium currently covers networks of BP expert centres reaching the critical mass in Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, UK, and France (representing more than 300 Millions EU citizens), and plans to extend to other EU member states. It also includes ECRIN, the FP7 infrastructure providing support to multinational clinical studies. Integration of EU research and care on BP disorder will benefit EU patients and citizens, restore EU leadership in BP research, strengthen drug development in the EU, in line with the expectations of the Innovative Medicines Initiative strategic research agenda."

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