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European Nature – learn, discover, cooperate
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The main objective of the project "European Nature - learn, discover and Cooperate " is to elaborate the European dimension of school activities by raising the level of foreign language proficiency and to increase awareness and understanding of other cultures and European countries among the members of the school community. Another advantage of the project is the ability to create a grid of international contacts, enabling active participation in social life and development sense of European citizenship and identity. The main platform of project activities at the school will be environmental education which is deeply rooted in the work priorities of the institution and its history. On such strong foundations we would like to thoroughly examine and explore the nature of the European Union, which provides a fascinating and interesting cognitive realm. What is worth stressing it provides an excellent platform to form a feeling of belonging to Europe of the whole school community - pupils, teachers and parents. The highlight of the opening series of project activities will be "Święto Szkoły" in June 2017 titled "Amazing Europe". During which all tasks will be devoted to learning about European countries and their nature. We also plan to conduct the English-speaking day "Amazing Europe". Next school year there will be implemented in the primary school classroom interdisciplinary projects devoted to the European nature. In the meantime in the secondary school social and academic projects will be carried out - "Discover the European Nature". The culmination point of the project will be picnic and outdoor game during "Dzień Ziemi” in April 2018. Organized under the theme “Plants and animals in Europe" addressed to educational institutions in Bemowo district. In the project the whole school community of Zespół Szkół Społecznego Towarzystwie Oświatowego will participate. Including 70 teachers and 355 students. The participants of the planned mobility will be the teachers of integrated teaching, mathematics - natural sciences, teaching foreign languages and computer science. Participation in mobilities will fulfill the key needs identified in the European school development plan. Teachers of integrated teaching will improve their language skills, which will allow them to use English language in their daily work with students. They will gain the ability of freely communicating with foreign partners. What is more, they will strengthen their cooperation with an English teacher in the curriculum and also support him or her while taking care of guests from abroad. Teachers of mathematics and science acquired during the training skills they will use in their daily work by using new active methods, introducing the English-language materials about the nature of European experience and experiments to perform in the classroom. Additionally, modern computer techniques will be implemented while working with children. English teachers will enrich the variety of methods of communication during the process of teaching foreign language. IT teachers will enrich their knowledge about the latest trends in the IT field and will broaden their skills to administrate the school web site. All participants will benefit from the mobility of educational platforms, they will improve the ability to create movies, presentations, comics, quizzes, crosswords and others. They will also place students’ materials on the school website. The project has a wide range of interactions. The direct addressee of the project is 22 teachers participating in mobilities who will share their knowledge and skills with the rest of the team of teachers - 40 people. This will increase the intellectual potential of the teaching staff and their professional skills. Thanks to the project tasks carried out at school and at home the main recipients will be students - 360 people and their parents. Due to the fact that the school is very active in the local community, organizing "Dzień Ziemi” project will gather around 600 students and 50 teachers from Bemowo district educational institutions. They will participate in games during the event. Implementation of the project will bring long-term benefits. Thanks to the project there will raise awareness of all its direct and indirect participants about nature and culture, which will result in a sense of belonging to the European community interest in their life and everyday problems. The quality of school work will improve due to changes in management by means of developing new standards and procedures. The project will result in taking further challenges in another projects and ultimately enhance the European dimension of school functioning.
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