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European Medieval Sport & Street Games Network (Ga.M.E.S.Net )
Start date: 15 Mar 2014,

The main objective of this project is the development of the European cultural diversity through the promotion and protection of the traditional sports and games.The main aims of the project are:1. To promote, to develop and to safeguard the traditional sports and games in Europe and their common values within an international context ;2. To develop on the European territory the knowledge and practice of sport and traditional games as a symbol of identity and the historical and cultural heritage of a territory;3. To encourage the construction of shared programs of European cooperation and of thematic networks, integrated, interactive and multi-functional, able to act to meet the challenges of the future and therefore able to ensure the future sustainability of the project.4. Disseminate on European territory the information, communication and knowledge of sport and traditional games.More Specific Objectives:▪ To encourage the promotion and exchange of knowledge, experience and good practice;▪ To search and to put into an European perspective the common and shared values that characterise the practice of the games and traditional sport;▪ To create a network of actors and stakeholders connected continuously and in real time to each other with the primary purpose of promoting and protecting the traditional sport and games through information campaigns, training activities and the exchange of documents, experience and practices;▪ To implement a broad and diversified programme of integrated actions with the involvement of different stakeholders on the various territories, in able to develop, to promote and to safeguard the immense heritage represented by the traditional sport and games;▪ To create an integrated and innovative system with a recognisable identity, with an efficient and effective strategic management and with a strong contractual power can ensure the future, economic, strategic and functional sustainability of the project;
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  • Sports\Preparatory Actions and Special Events 2009-2013\Preparatory actions 2013\Area 3: Promoting traditional European sports and games
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