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European Masters Programme in Medical Imaging

The EMMI project seeks ERASMUS support for the development of a European Masters programme in Medical Imaging for radiographers and radiological technologists. The project will capitalise on the existing expertise and complementary intellectual and infrastructural capacities of the six partners to produce a sustainable Masters programme, in this important and rapidly changing and developing field of healthcare, employing 270,000 professionals in Europe. By raising their knowledge and skills level, the project wishes to promote high quality practice and to create an opportunity of career development for a workforce more then a quarter of a million strong, delivering modern healthcare imaging in Europe. Each partner institution has specific expertise in an aspect of diagnostic imaging. Bringing these institutions together will create a European Centre of Excellence in Diagnostic Imaging. This Virtual Centre will offer a flexible blended learning environment to facilitate student access to the latest information about technological developments and application in practice through online and face to face learning opportunities. Graduates from the Masters programme will be eligible for role extension and role development which in turn will enhance their job satisfaction and reduce attrition from the profession. The steering group led by INHOLLAND will link directly with The Erasmus Thematic Network HENRE (Higher Education Network for Radiography in Europe) to ensure that any second cycle competences developed by HENRE inform the EMMI programme. Close ties will also be fostered with the well organized International, European and local professional associations of radiographers whose scientific meetings and publications will be used as main platform for the dissemination of the project results.
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