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European Master on Arts, Culture and International Management

The European Joint Master’s Degree program that we are aiming to develop will be responding to the needs and the constraints of the current situation and market of Europe. It is aimed towards the Lisbon strategy for the Union to become the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based economy in the world capable of sustainable economic growth with more and better jobs and greater social cohesion. The EMA degree that will be designed during the 24 month of the project will promote a creative approach to solve the problem of integration and mergence of two separate and traditionally remote fields of knowledge like art and culture and business and management. This Master’s Program will provide the opportunities for graduates to gain knowledge and education in International Business and International Management as well Arts, Cultural experience and heritage, tourism being seen as a modern link between them. The setup of the consortium reflects the different fields, interests and backgrounds to fulfil the diversity of the MA program, Finland: cultural experience, management and tourism, Greece: cultural heritage, Belgium and Poland: International business & fine arts, France: Human Sciences and Arts; Portugal: Social Sciences and Humanities. The new curriculum will increase the competitiveness and employability of all the graduates and promote the entrepreneurial spirit among the arts and culture graduates. The job market requirements are high and the need for improved competence is clear, requiring the flexibility and wide spectrum of skills of individuals. Single oriented education is no more meeting the demands of the changing world and the targets of the EU as the knowledge based society. The EMACIM degree programme will also offer the opportunity for international students to meet, establish networks, and learn by experiencing different cultures during the study program. Enrolled students will be taking the different parts of his/her degree in respective faculties/schools depending on the selected major and other subjects. The program will be taught in the English language ensuring the opportunities for students from different countries to access the education equally. The seven consortium partners include a diverse range of EU member states. This planning project will result in a ready EMACIM degree programme with developed course curricula, contents, material and patterns of on-line and off-line teaching methods and tools. It will also encompass the assessment methods and the certification process. Special emphasis will be placed upon program promotion and awareness rising within the EU countries. The process of the work will be monitored and upheld with the project management activities that will be ongoing during the length of the project period.
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