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European Master in Neuroscience
Start date: Oct 1, 2009,

Brain disease, psychiatric and neurologic diseases, combined represents a large social and economic burden in Europe. An analysis by the European Brain Council in 2005, estimated the total costs of brain disease throughout Europe in 2004 to be Euro 386 billion. That burden is set to grow, mainly due to the fact that the European population is ageing. The need for innovative treatments has never been greater, and Europe needs excellent researchers who can collaborate with brain scientists and the pharmaceutical industry to look for solutions. Eight universities and a university hospital in three countries within a range of 150 km want to meet the challenges in the field of neuroscience by the realization of a European Master in Neuroscience (EMiN). EMiN offers thorough knowledge of and extensive experience with the theories and skills in the domain of normal function of the nervous system. EMiN wants to exploit wider competences and resources by recruiting excellent students who will be given the opportunity to learn techniques in biotechnology, biomedicine and imaging that could be valued to employment in clinical settings and industry. EMiN guarantees an outstanding international research training program in Translational Neuroscience. Specific expertise in various disciplines related to Neuroscience will offer the educational and research expertise for interdisciplinary training of the students. The partners will supply laboratory space and infrastructure and the opportunity to get access to foreign expertise within a joint framework. The Master degree will be organized as a joint degree program and therefore contributes to the Bologna principles. The active collaboration with industrial enterprises leads to exchange of high-tech knowledge and expertise between academic and industrial partners. The Dutch government supports this project as it contributes to cross border educational cooperation.

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