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European Master in Computer Science

This network of cooperating institutions has successfully developed a European Computer Science (ECS) course delivering a bachelors’ degree in 3 years encouraging mobility amongst students at this level. Experience shows that mobility at the masters’ level is lower. Because of their high degree of specialization existing masters’ courses do not encourage students to pursue part of their studies abroad. We wish to expand the socio-technical infrastructure that we have developed for the bachelors’ course to support a similar international masters’ level course, suited not only to traditional learning but also as a source of material for lifelong learning. This project will enable the partners to fully investigate, design and implement a set of provisions that will support graduates, particularly of our collaborative ECS bachelors’ course, in following a collaborative, flexible masters’ level program that extends their opportunities to experience education, society and culture in a wide range of European countries. The program will also be designed to appeal to non-traditional students who may wish to study on a part-time and/or intermittent basis, in an international framework. We believe that this will encourage lifelong learning across a wide socio-cultural range. The main outcomes will be: • A reusable methodology for identifying coherent combinations of course components from a large set of geographically distributed subjects. This methodology will be applied to identify a curriculum or set of curricula for masters' level courses in Computer Science • A fee structure for collaborative masters' courses that will encourage mobility and minimize the financial disincentives for participation in the courses for both students and institutions • An updatable and coordinated plan for teacher exchanges which contribute measurably to coherent development of masters' level programs. • The establishment of a socio-technical infrastructure which promotes and supports student exchanges.
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