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European Master "Green Food Industries"
Start date: 01 Oct 2012,

The project aims to develop a European Master of Science in order to train future managers of food companies and organizations able to manage food processing and other food production related activities in a sustainable way. The MSc programme will lead to multiple degrees, based on the recognition of ECTS credits between the partner universities. To guarantee the adequacy of the curriculum developed with the qualifications needed by the professional stakeholders and with students' employability, the partners will associate 2 to 3 food companies and organizations of their own countries in an Advisory Commitee and administrate a survey to 60-90 professional organizations in Europe.The project will meet the needs of the job market, which is experiencing an evolution of employees skills, a more complex environment, new expectations from the consumers in terms of environmental and social responsibility. To support these developments, food companies need highly skilled production managers, able to integrate sustainability in their activities, taking into account the international environment, the increasing constraints related to food safety, food quality and processing, but also to the conservation of the environment and the corporate and social / societal responsibilities.The project aims to train students under initial education with at least a BSc or an equivalent diploma. The MSc will also be opened to employees under continuing education through specific modules offered by e-learning. The objective will be to train a minimum of 25 students per cohort (i.e. min. 50 students during the whole programme). The students will study in 2 to 3 countries during the programme. A strong focus will be put on the acquisition of language and intercultural skills, in order to meet the Barcelona “Mother Tongue+2” criteria. The whole programme will be taught in English, and students will attend language and intercultural training in each country of study.
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