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European Language Portfolio on students' journey through studies into Professional Life

The project aims at developing the use of the European Language Portfolio (ELP),teaching methods and materials in cooperation with the labour world. The products ofthe project will enhance the use of the ELP in different user groups.The ELP is well researched, and the Common European Framework of Reference forLanguages (CEFR) is well known and partially implemented in Europe. However, not allteachers, not to mention students, know the ELP and the CEFR well enough toimplement them. The project group aims to implement and experiment with the ELP togain first-hand experience and produce materials to help teachers and students.The key pedagogical strategies are socio-cultural and experimental learning,intercultural communicative competence and learner autonomy. The media used in theproject is electronic communication tools and events. The media is used for dialogueand material development for English, Swedish, German, Russian, French, Spanish,Finnish, Polish, Croatian, Czech and Hungarian; teacher workshops and seminars;information lectures and questionnaires; and curricula design.The outputs are new teacher identities, students with a better understanding of learning,language learning and the ELP, and improved transparency between the participantorganisations and the world of labour.The products published on the project blog, are:1) Report on pilot courses with the ELP2) Handbook for language teachers on the ELP3) Handbook for language learners4) Report on work life language needs and dialogue5) Information banks on learning to learn, ELP material and curriculaThe products will aim at encouraging teachers to implement the ELP, and students,institutions and the labour world to use and recognise the ELP
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