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European Initial Vocational Placements 2016
Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Jan 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Context:The Departament d'Ensenyament (Ministry of Education of Catalonia), considering (1) the experience gained in 16 years in VET mobility projects, (2) the launch of the Erasmus+ program and (3) aware of the remaining barriers to the promotion of mobility, launched during the last academic year 2014-2015 the “Program for training mobility and international cooperation in VET institutions” to give a new impetus to mobility strategies not only within the Departament d'Ensenyament but also at VET schools.In this sense, this Erasmus+ (VET) project “European Initial Vocational Placements 2016” (EUROINVOC 2016) is part of this wider joint strategy, which also includes another consortium project in the Erasmus+ higher education area.Objectives:As a result, the Directorate General for IVET and Specialised Studies of the Departament d’Ensenyament aims to contribute to the achievement of the objectives of the Erasmus+ KA1 action:1. Improvement of the internationalization strategies of the VET schools2. Contribution to the improvement and innovation of the VET curriculum3. Creation of a more modern, dynamic and professional collaborative environment in VET institutionsso as to achieve the specific objectives of the project:1. Promotion of the exchange of best practices among VET schools2. Increase of the number of VET schools in mobility projects and improve the quality of its management.3. Increase of the number of stable partnerships between the Departament d’Esenyament and VET institutions, and their respective partners.4. Improvement of the professional skills of both students and teachers involved in projects.5. Improvement of the knowledge of the Erasmus+ programme by the educational community.6. Improvement of the skills of teachers in relation to the implementation of the dual vocational training in Catalonia, taking the experience of more established European models.6. Contribution to the implementation of the CLIL methodological approach for language learning in VET.Description of activities:In this consortium project for VET 69 centers throughout Catalonia are involved; 96 mobility flows to a total of 12 EU countries (Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, France, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, United Kingdom and Ireland) will be carried out. The duration of the flows varies from 14-90 days and the participants come from all VET sectors.TThe flows distribution is as follows:a) 96 flows for 205 VET students at intermediate level (equivalent to EQF 4), lasting between 30-90 days. The minimum duration is 30 days to make the experience truly meaningful. Work placements are an integral part of the compulsory in-company training, and there will be full recognition of the activities.b) one flow of 20 students in basic VET training (equivalent to EQF 3). The duration is 14 days, with 3 accompanying trainers. The work placements have academic character with full recognition of training.c) one flow for teachers training; 15 trainers in intermediate VET will participate in a Job Shadowing experience on the dual system in Germany. The duration of the stay is 5 days of training.d) one flow for teachers training; 10 trainers in intermediate VET will participate in a Job Shadowing experience on CLIL methodology in Ireland. The duration of the stay is 5 days of training.Methodology:Two devices are going to be used for the management of this project, which are:1. Public call for selection of VET schools organizing stays for the academic year 2016-2017. These schools are included in the consortium project EUROINVOC 2016.2. The programme of training mobility and international cooperation in VET, within the Departament d'Ensenyament, launched last year.These devices contemplate in turn control measures for the quality of placements and project management. These devices are reinforced by the use of:1. ODISSEA: moodle platform for the management of stays included in EUROINVOC 2016: information and documentation.2. qBID: platform for the approval and monitoring of the host companies, as well as the evaluation and validation of the internship.Results and Impact:- Improvement of professional and transferable skills of students. Contribution to the achievement of the diploma.- Increased awareness of Erasmus+ program.- Increased mutual trust between VET institutions and their partners, and improved quality of the stays and their management.- Improvement of the skills of VET teachers on the dual VET system.- Improvement of the skills of VET teachers on the CLIL approach.Long-term benefits:- Improvement of the image of VET institutions, making them more attractive to potential students.- Increase of the number of VET institutions active in mobility.- Strengthening the regional strategy of the Departament d’Ensenyament in the promotion of mobility.
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