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European guidelines for Later Learning in intergenerational, intercultural and ICT based Settings

Learning in later life is one of the main challenges of European society but there is stilllittle public awareness concerning this issue. IANUS targets learners aged 50+, inintergenerational and/or intercultural learning and/or IT-based settings, as well aseducation providers and trainers, working with later learners.The poject addresses the following challenges:-Which key factors determine later learning especially in intergenerational, interculturaland IT-based settings (such as age of learners, sample and blending of learner group,social and psychological situation of learners, social embedding of learning activities,institutional standards, pedagogical methods and instruments, educational policyframework)?-Are these key factors developed or accepted differently in the distinct cultures/countriesand if yes, what are the implications for the general pedagogical concepts?-Which steps on European and national educational policy level have to be taken tofoster later learning?IANUS will provide Guidelines and Quality Standards for learners, training institutionsand trainers dealing with later learning, especially in intergenerational, intercultural andIT-based settings. The guidelines and quality standards will be tested in several pilotswithin the partnership. To support the project outcomes, a IANUS Policy Paper will bedrafted, to disseminate to relevant stakeholders and decision makers on education andsocial policy level. To this end, national IANUS awareness campaigns/days and anEuropean IANUS awareness conference will be organised.

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