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European Food Passport
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project involves 7 institutions, 5 of which are schools that work with students with special educational needs. The remaining two institutions are an institute of higher education and a publishing house which deals with art and culture promotion. The main idea of the project is to benefit from the common work in learning about healthy food, lifestyles, habits and preparing the partners' traditional meals. What is also important, is that the project deals with discovering and implementing new teaching methods, approaches into the teaching process of students with special educational needs. Moreover, the project also deals with the practice work of students who train to become future teachers in conducting lessons with special needs students at the partners' schools. The main results of the project will be the European Food Passport certificate, the Europass mobility certificate, the Cook Book (interactive and printed version) and teaching materials from the course about new teaching methods and approaches and practice work at schools. The main objectives of the project are to: - Learn and practice skills needed for independent life - Arouse empathy of the local community to the students and their work - Make the inclusion process to the local society easier for our students - Practice and improve basic competences such as: maths, nature and reading skills - Discover new methods, approaches, learning styles and strategies in the education of students with special educational needs - Improve the level of involvement of culture institutions in the education process - Experience the work of teachers from other European countries and include some of the ideas and practice into the partners schools' policies - Experience teaching students with special educational needs in other countries - Establishing the need for knowledge about other countries traditions, cuisine, lifestyles - Gaining the basic knowledge about European Union and its' aim as the entity that unites us together - Learn about the healthy lifestyle, habits, healthy food- how its prepared and where does it come from - Improve communication skills among students and teachers - Improve IT skills - Improve the level of self-esteem and motivation to learn in students - Establish friendships between the students from different countries
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