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European Financial Education Partnership
Start date: Oct 1, 2010,

The European Financial Education Partnership (EFEP) project seeks to transfer the model of the UK's innovative "Financial Education Partnership," to support secondary schools and teachers by bringing together financial services organizations, professional and educational associations, parents associations and others to deliver interactive financial education workshops through a volunteer network of financial services practitioners. The project will test whether this model can be successfully adapted to meet the needs of target groups in Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain.Main activities and outputs of the project include:a) Needs and gap analysis of financial education provision at secondary school level in selected countries to identify demand for innovative workshops, supplementary materials and delivery modes;b) Series of interactive European personal economic and financial education workshops, and supplementary materials, in English, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish;c) Financial Education Partnership public/private network in selected countries to deliver workshops in secondary schools and in association with other community groups targeting schoolchildren;d) Pilot programme of workshops in secondary schools and in association with other community groups, including those working with disadvantaged communities, in selected countries; e) Dissemination of the results of the project at national and European level; and f) Sustainability plan for public/private networks in selected countries, and for additional national partnerships in further countries.The project seeks to improve the financial education competence of at least 2,500 secondary school children in selected countries through workshop delivery in the pilot programme. The EFEP seeks a more sustainable impact by establishing stakeholder and delivery networks for financial education in selected countries, which may be used to develop and deliver future initiatives in this area.
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